What is Sydney Sweeney’s natural hair color?


When she’s not playing a character who has become rather . . . polarizing, to say the least, on the hit series “Euphoria,” Sydney Sweeney is busy being a beauty icon in her own right. Prior to being in “Euphoria,” Sweeney had actually been in the acting industry for quite some time. With roles in the Netflix series “Everything Sucks” as well as HBO’s “Sharp Objects,” Sweeney grew up on camera and amassed quite a loyal following since the start of his career. With fans now watching her every move while “Euphoria” is on hiatus, Sweeney was sure to make waves when she revealed she dyed her hair a new color: strawberry blonde.

Not only is the color a play on one of spring’s biggest hair color predictions for 2022, but her new look also follows another famous star’s hair transformation in a similar vein: Kendall Jenner. Sweeney looks stunning in her new color, but we wondered what her natural hair color is? After some detective work, we were surprised to see that Sweeney is actually a natural brunette and appeared to be dyeing her hair circa 2018 during the height of “Sharp Objects.” During our research, we came across a thread on Twitter showing off Sweeney’s natural hair color when she had bangs, which she hilariously responded to and let fans know it was a step she “would love to forget.”

Take a closer look at Sweeney’s hair transformation in the years to come.


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