What is Hayley Williams’ natural hair color?


Paramore’s Hayley Williams is known for her unique hairstyles and hair colors, and even started her own hair dye business, Good Dye Young, because of her love for bold styles. Here’s what we know about the “Decode” singer and her natural hair color.

Paramore’s Hayley Williams is known for her bold hair colors

Paramore’s Hayley Williams performs during Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival 2018 | Tim Mosenfelder / Getty Images

With around a decade of music release, Paramore are one of the most influential groups in the rock scene. Their release in 2007 Riot included the hit “Misery Business,” which holds more than 440 million plays on the streaming platform Spotify. One of the musicians behind this group is Williams, who is Paramore’s lead vocalist.

Some also know artist Paramore for her daring hairstyles, from a “burning match” to aqua blue to jet black. Williams shared that she first dyed her hair before joining the Grammy-winning group.

“When my mom and I moved to Nashville no one knew me, so I made a fresh start. I told my mom I wanted to play with my hair color, and when I was about 12, she took me to get them dyed, ”Williams said in an interview with Withdrawn. “I didn’t like the color because it wasn’t fun! “

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Hayley Williams’ real hair color is dirty blonde or light brown

When Paramore first released music for the All we know is falling era, Williams appeared with her natural hair color. It was a brownish, dirty blonde color. Soon after, Williams swapped her brown locks for a bright orange, synonymous with the iconic “Misery Business” music video.

Although the era of red / orange hair lasted for several years, Williams eventually experimented with other hair colors. When promoting album 107 After the laughter, Williams sported platinum blonde hair with bangs. This hairstyle then appeared in the “Hard Times” and “Rose-Colored Boy” music videos.

Williams often shares her love for self-expression through makeup and different hairstyles. Artist Paramore even started her own hair dye business to promote self-love through funky, fun and experimental hairstyles.

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Hayley Williams Founded ‘Good Dye Young’ Hair Dye Company

Williams took her love for unique hairstyles to the next level, creating the Good Dye Young hair dye brand with her longtime hairstylist and makeup artist, Brian O’Connor. Good Dye Young contains permanent hair dye, as well as a “setting paste” which can be washed off.

“Hair is one of the coolest, easiest tools we have to express ourselves,” Williams said in a statement regarding his company. “It’s your own personal megaphone and it’s strapped to your head!” Our goal is to create an inclusive culture that inspires creativity and allows everyone to discover themselves with much more fun so that we can all dye happy.

Williams also releases music as a solo artist, including the 2021 song “Over These Hills,” available on Spotify and Apple Music.

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