Top 10 Hair Color Apps To Try Before Dyeing Your Hair


The wrong hair color can ruin your overall look and cost you another makeover. Luckily, now you can see your brunette, blonde, redhead or rainbow look before you hit the salon. Just get hair color app; it is as easy to use as a photo editor. With it, you will know in advance whether the shade is perfect or regrettable.

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To make it easier to choose between apps, we’ve put the best hair color apps in the spotlight.

Best hair color application options

These are the best hair color apps recommendations that you must try before dyeing your hair.

1. YouCam Makeup

Hair color applications of the past show unnatural looking bleached hair. Fortunately, with advances in technology, this problem is avoided. Apps that rely on AI know how to keep your hair true to life. A good example is YouCam Makeup, which can show you a realistic post-makeover look based on your selfie or live camera feed.

YouCam Makeup knows that hair color accuracy is also important. That’s why the hair color app offers more than 150 colors with names that you can easily associate with hair color hues in real life. Hues include rainbow and two-tone or gradient colors, which are trending at the time of writing.

With the app retaining the texture and style of your hair after adding your chosen color, you can better assess whether your planned trip is worth it or not.

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2. Fabulous look

Maybe you already have an idea of ​​what you would look like if you were redhead, brunette or blonde. There is no surprise in this because we are talking about natural hair colors. However, what if you prefer bolder hues? Is there an ideal hair color application for this?

Luckily there is, and it’s called Fabby Look. Fabby Look is a hair coloring app that features unconventional hues like magenta, platinum, and green.

There are more than 10 colors to explore on the app. So, you have a decent catalog of shades for cosplay or just to express your extraordinary side. What’s also great is that after trying out a tint, you can instantly share the output of the hair coloring app to your social media feed.

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3. FaceTune Editor by Lightricks

Tried and tested by social media influencers – that’s FaceTune’s edge over others. It is the editing app that many netizens are using on TikTok, Instagram and other trending platforms, so you can also choose it.

As for how it works, it doesn’t specialize in hair color, unlike the other options. Nevertheless, it allows you to change your hair color virtually, supports natural to unique colors and offers realistic results. Also, using this type of app means you get access to more editing or beautifying features.

FaceTune is a full-featured photo editor, so you won’t need to switch between different apps to get the look you want.

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4. Hair coloring

Application Hair coloring
Photo by Liming Zhang on App Store

Most hair color apps only change the shade of your hair. But if you also want to try highlights virtually, Hair Color Dye might be the best hair color app for you.

The app has a paint tool that you can use to color all or part of your hair. It might take a while to get the strokes right if you’re not used to brushes. That said, it is not necessary to redo the entire assembly if there is an error. Just use the eraser tool available to erase the wrong stroke.

What about the app’s hair color selections? Well, you’ll be happy that this hair color app covers both ends of the spectrum. Its color catalog ranges from the natural to the unusual. It even includes gradient shades that are trending online.

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5. MakeupMore

Photo by MeituEve International Limited on Google Play Store

Everything you want to try related to looks – new hair color, makeup, accessories – is supported in this app called MakeupPlus. Additionally, the makeup filters in the app are said to come from Bretman Rock, NikkieTutorials, and other industry pros. Also, the outputs look correct whether the subject is female or male.

Having this makeup and hair color app is like having a virtual style guru. But that’s not all. It can also be your online marketplace, as the branded makeup products you try on virtually can be purchased through the app.

All in all, MakeupPlus might be the all-in-one makeover experience you’ve been looking for.

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6. FaceApp

Face App
Photo by FaceApp Technology Ltd on Google Play Store

FaceApp is as popular as FaceTune among social media users. Both focus on being a general-purpose editing app instead of a hair coloring app – and that’s not a bad thing.

Considering this, it’s not just your hair color that you’ll like to change through FaceApp. You might find it useful to try out new hairstyles, makeups, and backgrounds using them as well.

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7. Hair coloring booth

Hair Color Booth app
Photo by Bluebear Technologies Ltd. on AppStore

It’s no surprise if Hair Color Booth shows you realistic virtual dyed hair. This is because it also uses AI. The app even lets you adjust transparency and smoothness through intuitive controls.

Another awesome thing the app lets you do is a recording of yourself sporting your virtual hair color in the app. Given this, the hair color app ticks the boxes whether your goal is to mimic your virtual hair color in real life or to have just that hair color in a video.

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8. Hair color changer

Hair color changer app
Photo by Face & Body Tune Photo Editor, Societatea cu Raspundere Limitata on App Store

Sometimes, even with a hair color application, it can be difficult to know how much the new shade will affect your look. But don’t worry, there is a hair color app that handles this problem – Hair Color Changer.

It may look like your regular hair color application due to its simplicity. It has the usual brushes and color intensity settings. However, Hair Color Changer has a handy feature that many other options don’t: before-versus-after comparisons.

With comparisons, you can better analyze whether the new stain color you are planning to apply is right for you or not. This nifty feature alone may be the reason Hair Color Changer app is worth getting.

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Snapchat Pink Hairstyle Lens
Screenshot of

Snapchat is a social media app and not exactly a hair color app. But because it’s best known for various face filters, including ones for your hair, it can already serve as a hair coloring app.

If you are on Snapchat, you can try different filters from the app or other Snapchat users. All you need is a few taps.

To access Snapchat filters for hair color, search for them using the search tool on the main registration interface. After finding one, select it and continue to record a video or take a photo. It’s so easy.

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Instagram is one of the apps like Snapchat which is known for its filters
Photo from Instagram on Google Play Store

If Snapchat made it to this list, its best rival Instagram must be there too. Like Snapchat, Instagram is a fun platform where you can find filters that virtually change your hair color. In short, it also mimics a hair color application.

It is easy to search hair color filter on Instagram. Start the built-in Your Stories camera app, then scroll down the tools to the bottom of the screen. When you see the magnifying glass icon, tap it. This should take you to the Instagram effects gallery where you can choose any filter or search for hair color filter by keyword.

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No more bad hair color days

Hair dyeing is a risky but daring move. But why take the risk when you have a way to make sure the shade is right before you hit the salon? So try one of the apps offered. This could save you from bad hair color days and allow you to see which hues let your true color or personality shine through.


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