TikToker Cosmetics Exposes Conversation With Karen Who Ate Body Butter


A cosmetics influencer goes viral on TikTok for blowing up her Karen clients in a series of videos.

TikTok’s @shiniquekosmetics, a dedicated account for a skin care and body therapy brand of the same name, has been using the platform to expose Karen’s clients for weeks. During that time, she’s built up a solid backlog of irritable Karens and angry clients who absolutely refuse to learn what body butter is.

For the uninitiated, Body Butter is a creamy, butter-like moisturizer that’s absolutely and unequivocally not edible. There may be butter in the name, but that’s just a descriptor of how thick and creamy the product is.

Despite this, a truly shocking number of customers that @shiniquekosmetics provides a service seem determined to put its products in their mouths. Some of the messages she’s received from customers, which she has since turned into viral content, are obvious trolls, but some appear to be genuinely confused consumers. All this despite the warnings it puts on its products, which specify their intended use.

Some of @shiniquekosmetics’s best videos are moving away from body butter tasters and becoming true Karenhood, with several of her uploads detailing her conversations with irritating, licensed, or downright rude customers.

Each of her videos shows @shiniquekosmetics ‘dealing with Karens’ as she fills small glass jars with colored body butter. If Karen’s viral content weren’t included, the relaxing videos could qualify as ASMR, thanks to the deliciously calming visuals and calm, hypnotic sounds.

Instead, the videos are all accompanied by recreations of the beauty brand‘s owner’s conversations with difficult clients. One of Karen’s videos, which gained over 2 million views in the week of publication, recreates a conversation between the owner and a Karen who insisted she stop calling her customers “baby “.

Using one of TikTok’s text-to-speech voices, @shiniquekosmetics shares the conversation over a video of her filling a jar of pastel pink and blue body butter. Although she explained that she referred to her clients babe as a shorter form of “ShiniqueBabes”, client Karen did not. She replies that this simple decision is “very unprofessional”, a notion commentators have found laughable. A number of viewers pointed out, via the comments section, that not all businesses should follow the same rules of professionalism.

In one of their most popular video series, @shiniquekosmetics details a recurring conversation they got bogged down in with the “big Karen”. Between the three parties that have reached his page so far, the videos have garnered over 2 million views.

The first part of The Karen Trio’s Great Saga begins with a message from the customer, proclaiming that the brand owner thinks people “should support your business just because it’s black owned.” In response, @shiniquekosmetics replied that she “doesn’t see the color” and is just thrilled to have the chance to follow her dreams and see her business “grow daily”.

This simple and polite response was not what the Karen was looking for, apparently, as she hit back a post claiming that @shiniquekosmetics thinks she is “better than anyone”.


Conversation with a big Karen part 1 🤡 #fyp #bodybutter #bodybutterbusiness #BillboardNXT #BenefitOfBrows #rudecustomer #karens #pipingbodybutter

♬ original sound – ShiniqueKosmetics

In Part 2, the conversation continues. The customer expands on her assumptions on @shiniquekosmetics, saying she “shouldn’t make people feel like they have to shop with you because you’re black.” When the brand owner realizes that the discussion is going nowhere, she replies that she is going to “respectfully walk out of this conversation”, an act that Karen finds utterly unforgivable. She says the cosmetics line is heading “nowhere” thanks to its owner’s refusal to verbally fight with rude customers.

A final download from the “Big Karen” saga sees Karen discovering that her rude comments have been forwarded to TikTok. The video quickly dives into a “salty DM” the owner received from the angry customer. Karen notes that she discovered the brand’s TikToks and claims that including her comments in them amounts to “harassment.”

When she didn’t get the response she wanted, Karen recruited her minions to also spam @shiniquekosmetics with angry messages. In another video, the creator details some of them, such as the commentator who claimed that “exposing” people online “is called cyberbullying,” despite the fact that she did not actually expose the Karens by their name.

It seems, from the many “Bitter Betty” and “Karen” videos on the @shiniquekosmetics page, that far too many people have too much free time. Potential clients seem excited to drag the small independent business around with weird complaints, as if it isn’t the first beauty brand to hit the market. It seems that, more than anything, people are just looking for things that they can complain about, no matter how it affects others.

Thankfully, all of the spontaneous hate doesn’t seem to be slowing down @shiniquekosmetics. New videos usually arrive on the TikTok page every day, with some days seeing two or three videos within hours of each other. The brand is also on the hunt for new content ideas, which likely means ASMR Soothing Body Butter is upon us.

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* First published: October 7, 2021, 9:14 a.m. CDT

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