This year’s Team Fortress 2 Halloween event features a real Cursed Boy Scout cosmetic


Valve continues to host annual Halloween events in Team Fortress 2, with the latest edition, Scream Fortress 13, now live. As has been the trend with Scream Fortress for some time now, the focus is on community-created content, adding six cards, five taunts, 13 warpaint, 28 unusual effects, and 20 cosmetics, all created. by members of the Team Fortress 2 community.

And yes, one of those community-supplied cosmetics is unbelievably cursed. Called the Corpse Carrier, it makes the Scout appear to be carrying the severed torso of a second Scout, who remains alive enough to emotion, shoot, and even dance. That’s because, to spoil the magic, it’s supposed to be one of those disguises that make you feel like you’re carried away by an alien or a big man in a lederhosen or whatever. This means that only the Front Scout is real, and that’s the one you should shoot at.

The funny thing is, the Corpse Carrier isn’t limited to Halloween like most of the cosmetics players earn during Scream Fortress. You will be able to disturb people with this baby all year round. During this time, I can only wear my headless horseless horseman’s head during the spooky month, or if it is a full moon.

Scream Fortress 13 runs through November 7, and all Halloween Contracts have been reset so players can complete them again. While anti-bot fixes have been rolled out to reduce the number of bots plaguing the game, in my experience they are still common in Quick Play mode and joining community servers is still the best way to get them to. to avoid.

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