The Summer Fest of Nior, a famous cosmetics brand, took place


In order to market the cosmetics of the world famous brand Nior on a larger scale in Bangladesh, the Nior Summerfest was recently held in a hotel in Dhaka. The president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Bangladesh (AmCham), Syed Ershad Ahmed, was the main guest of this colorful fashion show. He said, Nior is a popular and well-known brand. This popularity has been possible thanks to the superior quality of Nior Cosmetics combined with regular research and state-of-the-art technology. Every year during American fairs, we see the stalls of Nior overflowing with people. He said, I believe that in line with the times, Nior can maintain the same popularity in the cosmetics market in the future.

The country’s best actors and actresses also joined the event as a partner of this popular cosmetics brand in Bangladesh for 26 years. The speech of famous actress Apu Biswas and actors Ferdous, Eamon, Nirab also talked about the use of Nior cosmetics and its popularity in the theater world. The presence of US Embassy representatives throughout the program made the program more interesting. They are very optimistic about the popularity of Nior in Bangladesh as in many other countries around the world. The event was organized by Remark to further spread its products in the Bangladeshi market. The event ended with a spectacular fashion show and dinner.


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