The reddish-brown hair color you’re about to see everywhere this fall


Red seems to be ‘it’ hair color this autumn— with everyone from Cara Delevingne to Shay Mitchell to Cardi B all recently swapping their signature shades for an auburn look. These “pumpkin spice-inspired” braids, dubbed by popsugarare all the rage, seen on celebrities with different hair textures, and they flatter many skin tones too.

That said, we reached out to professional hairstylists and styling experts to learn more about the trendy reddish brown hue and how to find a red hair dye that works with your own skin tone and undertones. Read on for tips, suggestions, and insights from Ghanima Abdullah, Cosmetologist and Styling Expert at The Right Hairstyles and Jamie Mazzei, Creative Director at NuBest Salon & Spa.

Find the right shade of red for your complexion

As seen on Delevingne at Paris Fashion Week, the right shade of red for your hair will highlight your complexion and flatter your facial features. Mazzei insists that “every skin tone can wear red” and this Fall 2022 trend might be more versatile than you think.

“Reddish brown is a fall staple,” he says, “it allows us to take advantage of the red trend without lightening our hair beyond brown and possibly causing damage.” Abdullah agrees and adds, “I’m a fan of red hair in the fall. This hair color pops out so well when there are multiple colored leaves around it, it really grabs a lot of attention.

When analyzing your own tones and undertones, Mazzei explains that “for warmer skin tones, a red with orange undertones is the most complementary.” For cooler skin, he suggests “a red with blue undertones works well” and “for paler skin, consider a lighter red or strawberry blonde.”

Prevent red dye from fading with henna

When it turns red, Mazzei insists that it’s “very important to have the right home maintenance because ‘fading is the number one problem with hair color.'” Abdullah backs this up and recommends use henna dye as a way to keep your newly dyed red locks longer.

“There is one red dye you can choose from that works for all skin colors and hair types, and that’s henna,” she says. Henna, Abdullah notes, is a “semi-permanent dye that blends with your existing hair color, so it’s still you, just redder.” Additionally, she also considers it a “really good conditioner,” which can prevent your hair from being damaged by can dye.

Henna will turn your natural hair color “orange-red, if your hair is light,” says Abdullah, and “if your hair color is medium, your hair should turn dark red.” If your hair is dark, she says “you’ll have dark red highlights.” Henna is “good for use over other color treatments,” Abdullah concludes, because “it will blend with your color the same way it blends with your natural hair color.” It fades in “three to four weeks,” which is still a long enough period to determine if this fall 2022 trending hair hue is right for you.


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