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The social distancing mindset appears to be a temporary measure, but it will be a permanent change. People have grown accustomed to social distancing, we realize that diseases can easily be spread by coming into close contact with strangers. The world has particularly felt the consequences of a society where disease spreads rapidly. This generation will live forever with that feeling, the sense of the dangers that there are when we encounter large numbers of strangers at close range. Social distancing is now in the DNA of our generation.

This means that we have to analyze how we use perfumes and what role perfumes fulfill in our society. How to continue with scents in the new world, in containment situations and beyond.

People mainly wear perfumes to smell good for others around us. Feeling good for others has become a regular and subconscious part of our society. Dressing well is also putting on a perfume. But they need an audience. An audience close enough to feel you.

This creates a big problem for perfumes during and even after the corona pandemic. We have entered an era of social distancing. Often there is no audience, because social events are canceled, and even though we have an audience, they are too far away. The objective of a perfume has shifted from our environment to ourselves. The consumer himself becomes the focal point of our perfume.

The consumer is stuck at home, trying to stay positive and empower themselves. The emphasis has shifted from social joy to individual joy, feeling good despite the situation, empowering oneself, meditating, exercising and being happy. We try to inspire ourselves to keep our heads up. We want to stimulate our individual senses instead of the senses of a social audience. This means that when we wear perfumes, we are doing it strictly for ourselves. Not only now but also in the future, because social distancing is now part of the DNA of the new generation.

This opens the doors to a new generation of perfumes, a generation of perfumes for The World After. Room fragrances; perfumes that activate our feelings and stimulate the mood of the individual because they are the only ones to appreciate the perfume. Instead of focusing on the audience, a scent should appeal to the consumer and stimulate the mood they want to achieve; active, relaxed, or even one that works as an aphrodisiac.

Our moods will be sublimated by the ingredients of the perfumes; essential oils and their “therapeutic” value or by the classic notes selected on their characteristic mood effect.

The consumer will wear the fragrances in harmony. Wear an active perfume during exercise, a relaxing variant on weekends, or an aphrodisiac as a couple or while taking the time to indulge yourself. All the variations work individually and together as a poetic harmony.

This concept can result in a new range of room fragrance products or be applied to pre-existing fragrances; classic scents enhanced with “mood versions”.

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