The best perfumes for every social situation


Emma Vernon is a multi-hyphen in the best sense of the word. The famous TikTok matchmaker and actress recently added another entry to her long CV: Fragrance Podcaster.

Perfume Room, which officially launched in May, sees (or rather, hears) Vernon sharing his in-depth knowledge of fragrances through educational yet humorous segments – i.e. Scent of the Day and What’s That Smell? – and interviews with perfume connoisseurs (notable guests include Carina Chaz of the founders of DedCool and Fur, Laura Schubert and Lillian Tung).

Vernon, who appoints Trefle Pur d’Atelier Cologne and So Iris from Montale Paris among her favorite scents of the moment, she has enjoyed scents for as long as she can remember. “At the age of four, I still snuck up to my grandmother’s dressing table so I could smell – AKA spill – all of her perfume bottles and samples,” she recalls. “When I went to the shopping center or to a department store, I went directly to the beauty department and I felt Each fragrance. My body said The Children’s Place but my heart said Victoria’s Secret Pear Glacé, ”she jokes. After years of sniffing perfume samples, reading about the scent arts, and taking perfume classes, Vernon – a self-proclaimed “fraghead” – is able to recall scents by memory.

As we begin to emerge from the depths of the pandemic, the expert believes many have reassessed their relationship to scent and smell. “Smell is our most powerful sense, capable of evoking emotions and memories in ways our other senses cannot,” says Vernon. “The scent provided an escape – memories of our favorite people, our places, our times, our meals, our people, the weather – to a time when we couldn’t go anywhere. Because [COVID-19] caught or altered the sense of smell of so many people, I think those of us who have or found it have a new appreciation for how special it is not only to be able to smell, but also to be able to smell something good.

As social gatherings become more and more common, HYPEBAE consulted Vernon on the best perfumes to wear on a first date, your first day back in the office, and other post-containment outings. Read on for the expert’s recommendations.

First date

“Go with something compelling that you can’t quite put your finger on – a I do not know what atmosphere. I would choose something with medium projection. Nothing too exhilarating or loud, but still bold and editorialized.

  • Orphéon diptych: “Fresh skin scent; nice projection and wake and an incredible sensual jasmine dries up.
  • Atelier Cologne Iris Silver: “Soft, not cloying, sensual, sophisticated and heartwarming. And since, apparently, we all really hang out with our parents anyway, that smell will remind them of their mom’s makeup bag, but in a cool way.
  • The laboratory Bergamot 22: “A perfect scent – opens fresh, dries fiery and warm with a scent that is sweet, fresh and electrifying at the same time.”

Night in town

“Pick something with a strong projection to stand out in the crowd. ”

  • Cairo from Penhaligon: “Leave a trail for your suitors to follow – sweet, oaky, oud perfection. “
  • Kierin NYC Nitro Black: “To the mysterious guy – it’s like old library books and hot berries.”
  • The part of the Kilian Angels: “Seduce them with the most edible, but not at all smelly sweetie there is. It smells of freshly baked snickerdoodles in the least Bath & Body Works way possible.

Dinner with the parents

“Depends on your goal. ”

  • Maison Francis Kurkdjian Amyris Woman: “For the elder who wants his scent to say that everything is perfect. It smells like Princess Peach has a scent.
  • Atelier Cologne Café Tuberosa: “For the middle child who Needs careful – but the right kind – and seeks to stand out from the crowd.
  • Mask Milano Lost Alice: “For the youngest, whose spirit and charm can draw them out of everything. Go with this always whimsical, sweet and likable choice.

First day back in the office

“Something easy to wear, distinct and for you. ”

  • Atelier Cologne Iris Rebelle: “A majestic and elegant iris with a comforting and unique chalk. Cool, soft and easy to wear, but doesn’t take any bullshit.
  • Altaïa Yu Son: A soothing scent for the skin with soothing tea and citrus notes to help keep the mask in place when the mask is off. “

Summer kitchen

“Something sweet, fun and complementary to the aroma of ketchup.”

  • Thin Wild Mercury Laurel Canyon, 1966: “This scent smells like a crisp summer day at a house party with faint smells of fine cannabis wafting in the distance.”
  • Amber nemat: “A soft and subtle skin scent that looks like you, only better. “
  • The Jasmin Lab 17: “A magnificent orange blossom and jasmine combo that smells of happiness.”


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