The Best Mushroom Brown Hair Color For Your Skin Tone


Spring is often the time when the most exciting color trends show up. With the transition to longer days and warmer weather, the season is prompting many to try something new with their hue. One trend we’ve seen everywhere lately is mushroom brown. The dimensional brunette hue is really doing the rounds on Instagram, which feels trending for a very nature-focused season.

“When you look at the trends around us these days — earth tones, minimalism, and natural makeup and skincare products — haircare was next in line,” shares StyleSeat colorist Brittaney Danyel. “This dimensional color pairs perfectly with an earthy vibe and is easily achievable by blondes and brunettes alike.”

Because mushroom brown “is a fairly neutral color with subtle brown and gray undertones, [it offers] a super multi-dimensional look and a fun new take on a flat brown color” for spring. Ready to try the spring trend yourself? Brittaney breaks down the best mushroom brown hair color for your skin tone below!

Pale Skin Tones: Mushroom Frost

For those with pale skin, you should stick with something a little lighter. Anything too dark will wash you away. “A frosty mushroom color is best for fair to fair skin tones because it’s the lightest form of the mushroom brown color,” Brittaney notes.

Additionally, she notes that “a frosty mushroom color is perfect for anyone who wants to add a bit of blonde to their brunette, without having to go all-out.”

Medium to Olive Skin Tones: Golden Mushroom

A golden mushroom shade works best on medium to olive skin tones. “Golden highlights complement olive skin tones while bringing warmth to medium skin tones,” says Brittaney. She mentions that this shade is a combination of “ash brown with golden highlights”. Be sure to ask your colorist exactly that!

Light Brown Skin Tones: Portobello Mushroom

We never thought our favorite type of mushroom would make a great hair color, but here we are. Although it’s similar to the golden mushroom hue, Brittaney shares that it “combines more brown tones than ash.” Because it “doesn’t have those striking blonde or light brown highlights,” she notes that it’s ideal for light brown skin tones.

Brown to black skin tones: fungus roots

Those with darker complexions will want to focus on their roots. “Mushroom roots are perfect for those who are naturally dark but want to try a subtle blonde flavor,” Brittaney says. “This color allows you to leave your roots a dark mushroom brown color while adding lighter tones, via balayage or highlights, to the rest of your hair to blend perfectly with your darker mushroom undertones.”

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