The best feminine perfumes for fall



Fall is in full swing, and while it’s not cold enough to pull out the weighted blankets or down jackets, now is the perfect time to warm up with a whole new scent. This fall, the latest fragrance line features intoxicating scents that are perfect for the colder months, including Tom Ford’s Ombré Leather, a smoky scent that will make you feel like you’re sitting by a fireplace. Do you dream of an autumn getaway? There are also options like Maison Margiela Autumn Vibes, a lively scent inspired by foliage that provides a moment of sensory escape.

Coming up, we’ve rounded up the best new feminine scents, with notes like amber, cedarwood, and tobacco that epitomize all that falls (some also incorporating more floral or fruity notes for various preferences). The best part? Like your favorite outerwear, these scents are perfect whether worn alone or layered.

Best warm floral scent

A scented balancing act

This new fragrance from Michael Kors was inspired by the warmth and daring of a confident woman, and true to form, the fragrant blend of smoky tobacco and warm notes of amber is strong but not too potent thanks to a addition of white flowers.

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Best Floral Woody Scent

A perfume from another world

With an inviting scent of jasmine and vanilla, Mugler’s Alien Goddess Eau de Parfum is both soothing and refreshing. A spritz or two will put you in a good mood.

Best unisex scent

A luxurious choice

If you love the smell of genuine leather then you will enjoy this unisex fragrance from Tom Ford with key notes like violet leaf, black leather and cedarwood. Similar to a favorite leather jacket, this scent will instantly make you feel fresh and comfortable.

Best scent of earth

A fresh scent

Maison Margiela captures the essence of fall with its new Replica fragrance, Autumn Vibes. The fusion of red berries, spicy cardamom, warm cedarwood and moss produces an earthy scent reminiscent of a cool fall breeze.

Best Fruity Fragrance

A sweet treat

For lovers of fruity flavors, you will find it hard to resist this EDP thanks to intoxicating notes like blackcurrant, pink pepper and lychee fruit. And the eye-catching glass bottle makes it twice as tempting if you like fancy packaging.

Best Floral Fragrance

A perfect flower arrangement

Think of this very popular scent as the rock star of your fragrance collection. With its vibrant packaging, it steals the show with eye-catching notes like white gardenia, pear blossom and brown sugar.

Best sensual scent

A fragrance that is sure to stand out

For those looking for this unforgettable scent, think of this scent from Kayali. It contains an eccentric blend of ingredients that results in a one-of-a-kind scent (think: sandalwood, white flowers, coconut, and bourbon vanilla notes).

Best Floral Vanilla Scent

A new approach to feminine flowers

Enjoy the refreshing scent of rose, jasmine, bergamot and salty vanilla (fall classic) when you spray this long-lasting feminine scent. Idôle Aura is the third edition of Idole fragrances by Lancôme, a collection that celebrates the collective power of women.



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