The best fall and winter fragrances to know for 2021



It may be the end of summer, but fall brings the excitement of a new beginning and a new scent. September is the unofficial time of year when we can start over, whether it’s starting a new chapter or finally catching up on resolutions we left out in the spring. It’s also time for a complete makeover – which includes the wardrobe, makeup, skincare and of course a new scent.

Marylin Monroe used to say that she felt naked without wearing her Chanel No.5 and while this is a serious commitment to scent, we can agree that the right perfume can be the perfect companion through the seasons. .

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Warmer and uplifting notes are what defines fall scents, but there are plenty of variations to suit your mood and personality, softer floral top notes, crisp or spicy base notes and rich and deep woody heart notes. If you like the lightness of spring scents but still want an autumn atmosphere, Narciso Rodriguezhe cult eau de parfum goes perfectly with its musky and flowery tones. Its sleek blend makes a subtle statement without feeling overpowering.

For those who prefer classic scents with a twist, try Le Labo’s Rose 31 perfume. The spice provided by cumin and olibanum is enveloped in amber and cedar to give a truly original but timeless rose scent.

Or if you’re planning to mark fall with some daring pieces in your wardrobe, why not add an intense scent to match? Tom Ford Vanilla Tobacco is powerful and one of a kind. Creamy vanilla, rich spices and tobacco flower blend together to create an iconic ensemble.

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