The 9 Biggest Summer Hair Color Trends of 2022


More warmth, sparkle and fantasy! After the time spent thawing out winter, the predictions for summer 2022 hair colors are looking particularly bright according to some of the industry’s most in-demand professionals.

For starters, it’s over to the cool and warmest hues for blondes, brunettes, redheads, and every shade in between according to Matt Rez, the pro behind Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, and Eiza González’s rich, glossy lengths. “The warmth of hair color creates shine, which is something we’ve all been craving for for a while now,” Rez says. “I think the warmer color requests are representative of how much everyone has wanted to get out on the dark side of things in recent years.”

This feel-good spirit, coupled with the “playful sense of summer ingrained in us since childhood” – as Marie Robinson salon colorist Angela Hazelton calls it – means we all feel an instinctive need for change. “It’s also easier to change hair color when you have a summery glow on your skin,” adds Hazelton. New York pro Jenna Perry, Bella Hadid and Maude Apatow’s go-to colorist for cool, nuanced shades, agrees: there’s nothing like a new set of highlights to add an extra touch to your summer look. . “The sun is out longer in the warmer months, which means it reflects harder on your hair and skin,” says Perry. “With everyone’s complexion appearing sunnier, it’s a great time to upgrade your hair.”

And let’s not forget that nostalgia is different in summer. As Mauricio Bermudez, senior colorist at Suite Caroline salon in New York puts it, “From the song of summer to our summer loves, the sunny season is a buffer of good memories in our year – and hair color is also a great time buffer.. A color makeover is an immediate energy boost with lasting impact.From shimmering raven to honey-gold blonde, here are the greatest summer hair colors 2022 edition.

Bronde Honey-Gold

Photo: Matt Rez


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