The 13 Best Citrus Scents, According to Our Editors


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Like a sip of orange juice or a cold shower in the morning, there’s something about a citrus scent that wakes you up. The reason is logical: the olfactory family tends to present zesty and aromatic notes such as lemon, bergamot and grapefruit, for example, or juicy fruits such as mango or apple. Due to its light nature, this fragrance category is especially popular in spring and summer, but let’s be honest, everyone can use a pick-me-up sometimes, regardless of the month or season.

The citrus scent options on the market are vast – at every price point you can imagine – which can make choosing just one signature scent nearly impossible. This is where the dedicated team of POPSUGAR editors comes in.

We’ve done our due diligence to test countless citrus scents and find — and recommend — the best ones that deserve space on your vanity or in your vacation suitcase. From scents filled with delicious notes of orange blossom and lemon to more subtle scents with a singular scent profile, the team shares their personal favorite citrus scents to consider for the months ahead. If you haven’t found your favorite citrus scent yet, consider some of the options available to you.


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