Strawberry Blonde Hair Color and 8 More Reddish Shades to Try in Summer 2022


As you know, summer is the perfect time to change your hair color. And if you can’t decide between red or the popular blonde, strawberry blonde might just be the color for you. According to Jamie Mazzei, Creative Director of NuBest Salon and Spa, strawberry blonde has varying amounts of golden and copper tones, so it’s a good idea to bring inspiration (like the options below) to your appointment. hair to better get the shade of your dreams.

Strawberry blonde is trending for summer because it looks different from every angle, due to its golden aesthetic that refracts light. The tint is also a flattering color for different skin tones, thanks to the variety of shades offered. Depending on your base color, you may need to add bleach to properly enhance your existing color before applying strawberry tint. “Red family colors are the hardest to maintain,” Mazzei shares. “A good color depositing shampoo like No Fade Fresh will keep your strawberry blonde looking vibrant and beautiful between [salon] visits. »

So which shade of strawberry blonde is right for you? From a red base with blonde highlights, hints of pink for a good pink-blonde hybrid, or blonde with red highlights for dimension – read on to find out the best strawberry blonde shades, how to maintain it and how often to do touch-ups.

Classic Strawberry Blonde

Equal parts red, equal parts blonde, it’s the traditional color that started it all. For maintenance, Justin Anderson, co-founder of dpHUE, advises against daily washing because it will strip your hair, and instead recommends a dry shampoo to protect color from fading and to keep hair fresh and fresh.

dark honey

Anderson recommends this shade, a brown base with subtle blonde and red highlights, for fair skin. There’s a bit of upkeep with this one: “After a few washes and exposure to the sun, the color will fade very quickly,” Anderson told TZR. It fights discoloration with Gloss+ for a consistent harmony of brown, blonde and red.

Ombre Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry blonde ombre is a great first step into the trend. There is quite a bit of commitment as the roots start out with a brown/red shade and gradually lighten towards blonde ends. Experts predict this will be the downgraded trend of the season. Pro Tip: Remember to touch up every six to eight weeks to prevent color fading.

Dusty Rose Balayage

Shvonne Perkins, head educator at Madison Reed, predicts that a dusty pink version of strawberry blonde will become hugely popular over the next few weeks. “This shade is in the same family as strawberry blonde, but uses a slightly champagne muted red instead of true copper,” the expert told TZR. To create the balayage, cooler tones are used for a universally flattering look on all skin tones.

Baby Copper

Chase Kusero, celebrity colorist and co-founder of IGK Hair Care, considers baby copper (brass tones mixed with golden blonde) to be the perfect style option if your current hair color isn’t a dark shade. “If your hair color ranges from light blonde to light brown, you should be able to achieve that color in the salon or at home with just one process color.” You can still get the color if you have naturally dark hair, you just need to go through more color processing and bleaching.

Rose gold

According to Perkins, rose gold will be one of the biggest trends this year. “Strawberry blondes have a lot of copper, but this shade boosts the red slightly, but not all the way to pinkish red,” she claims. “It’s a super soft undertone shade that sits between copper and red, compatible with a range of skin tones.” For maintenance, Brian O’Connor, co-founder of Good Dye Young, suggests adding a dot or two of Du Hast semi-permanent tint in your conditioner for a pretty rose gold, to create a deposit mask. color and keep your color looking fresh. .

Hot from the oven

Warmer shades of strawberry blonde (think darker roots) look amazing on darker skin tones and warm undertones. According to Kusero, if you don’t want to commit to long-term tinting, you can achieve the look with temporary color enhancements. “Temporary color can be found in conditioners or color deposit masks that can be applied in-salon or at home to achieve vibrant color that fades completely over time.”

Champagne Highlights

Perkins recommends adding super fine light baby blonde chunks to strawberry blonde hair to add dimension to your color. “I often refer to those highlights as garlands,” the pro told TZR. “Highlights aren’t meant to be the star of the show – they’re meant to add dimension to the strawberry blonde bottom and really make it pop!”

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