Step into fall casually with the Root Melt hair color trend


Root fade hair gives your color more depth and charm, giving it a more “loved” look. Enjoy the benefits of this low-maintenance style by embracing your natural color at the roots while adding dimension and freshness with balayage or highlights lower in the hair.

Additionally, root melting is a hair coloring method that adds another dimension to the roots while leaving the mid-lengths and ends relatively colorless, giving a “vintage” look.

Highlights these days are much more subtle than the chunky stripes you had in college. The color method of adding depth to your hair has come a long way from the hours of sitting at the hairdresser with your hair covered in foil, so if looking at your yearbook photographs terrified you at swear reflections, don’t worry.

Color fusion is a new technique for highlighting hair that follows the ombre and balayage steps, but is much trickier. This method does not involve mixing two colors like balayage does. Instead, the colorist will apply more than one to achieve an even look.

Below are some of our favorite fade hair styles of the season for you.

Photo by @capellibymegs/Instagram

Let’s start this article with this perfect caramel and chocolate root fudge. The fascinating transition from chocolate brown to caramel is indeed worth noticing.


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