Sonic Frontiers newsletter offers fan-favorite cosmetic DLC


sound borders has an official newsletter and offers free DLC to those who subscribe to it. While newsletters for games have been pretty rare lately, with social media being a faster way to get content out to the public, some franchises have stuck with it. Pokemon is an example of this, as he used a newsletter as a way to update fans on numerous multimedia projects with a reward of mystery gift codes for those who are still subscribers. It looks like Sonic is taking notes on this model.


Fans first knew the DLC was coming sound borders with the reveal of Japanese pre-order benefits about two months ago. It was revealed that Sonic is collaborating with Vtuber Korone Inugami to let their fans get special Korone-themed shoes and gloves for Sonic. While some fans thought the Japanese DLC was cute, some wondered if other forms of DLC would be available. Not only do English-speaking fans get their own DLC, but it brings back a rather memorable accessory for Sonic.

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If fans sign up for the sound borders newsletter by January 31, 2023, then fans will be emailed as soon as the game hits shelves on November 8, 2022 for a code that unlocks a special Sonic’s Soap Shoes cosmetic item from Sonic Adventure 2. These particular shoes have been pretty popular since their debut, and after twenty years, it looks like Sonic will be wearing these special sneakers again.

However, there is a catch for some fans. The sound borders The website states that this DLC will only be available in certain regions. Luckily, if the list of countries that appears when signing up for the mailing list is anything to go by, a fair number of countries are eligible. For players to sign up to secure the code next month, all they need to do is sign up with their email, country of residence, birthday, and console of choice.

Many fans are sure to agree that this is the right way to go with adding customization in Sonic Games. In Sonic Colors: Ultimate, fans were allowed to accessorize the blue blur, but the elements left a lot to be desired. A number of them were just normal Sonic shoes and gloves in different colors. The most remarkable option in Colours: Ultimate was a skin based on the sonic the hedgehog movies, but that was only due to the electric effect it accompanied. After receiving these mediocre options, the fans wished for the Soap Shoes or the shoes of sonic riders to make a comeback, and it looks like Sega listened very carefully to that request.

sound borders will launch on November 8, 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Sonic Frontiers Official Site


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