Solid perfumes: the best to buy in 2022


We call it: solid perfumes are going to be big in the world of perfume over the next few years. Why? Well, they’re great for slipping into your purse or packing on vacation, and they’re more durable. Most solid perfumes come in refillable packaging rather than a heavy glass bottle with a pump dispenser that contains plastic and cannot be recycled.

As for the perfume? Because all of these heavenly ingredients have been condensed into a small bar, solid perfumes are often more concentrated and can last longer on the skin. Plus, unlike their liquid alternatives, they don’t contain alcohol. As we know, alcohol can be incredibly drying on the skin, but solid perfumes are created by mixing fragrance oils with carrier oils or beeswax.

In other words, there is no downside in our opinion.

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As for application, the solid perfume is designed to be applied with your fingertips directly to the skin. For a more fragrant application, apply to your pulse points and where your body gives off the most heat (i.e. your wrists, inside of your elbows, base of your neck, behind your ears and your neckline).

Many brands have started to offer their hero perfumes in solid versions. Take Jo Malone London, which has one of the largest offerings of solid perfumes, including some of their most beloved scents like Lime Basil & Mandarin and Pomegranate Noir. They also offer a chic palette container to hold two solid scents so you can layer them, or just have the luxury of choosing when deciding what to apply.

Then there’s Diptyque, which also has a huge range of solid perfumes presented in the most artistic packaging we’ve seen. Among them are favorites like L’Ombre Dans L’Eau and Eau Rose, and each individual scent has a different case decorated with beautiful full-color artwork.

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Additionally, Glossier has just announced that they are bringing back their signature You fragrance in solid form following its overwhelming success (a Glossier You Solid was sold every 9.5 minutes in the time frame it was available). This time, however, it has a new vegan formulation and comes in a refillable format to mark the brand’s continued commitment to being more sustainable.

That’s not all, however. Keep scrolling to discover the best solid perfumes buy now…


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