Secrets of Kate Middleton’s anti-aging looks


KATE always looks great – and never more so than on her 40th birthday.

Yesterday, the Duchess of Cambridge released three stunning new photographs to mark this milestone, showcasing her regal style in dresses by her favorite designer, Alexander McQueen.


The Duchess of Cambridge stuns in an Alexander McQueen gown in pictures released today
Kate posed in tweed at Blenheim Palace in 2004, aged 22


Kate posed in tweed at Blenheim Palace in 2004, aged 22Credit: Rex Features

Many have noticed how even better the future Queen is now than she was in her early 20s, when she first met Prince William.

It’s no coincidence that Kate has become one of Britain’s biggest fashion and beauty icons.

By chatting with experts, we analyze the secrets of her stunning style, enviable physique and youthful beauty.

Eye contour

The Duchess went from bare-faced beauty to risk-taking makeup in her 30s.

When she first stepped on the scene, Kate favored one essential beauty over all others.

Beauty writer Sun Siobhan O’Connor said: “Eyeliner was a close friend of Kate’s during her college days in St Andrews.

“She layered circles around her eyes for herself and William’s engagement in November 2010.”

But over the past two decades, Kate has created a signature look of soft smoky eyes, chiseled pink cheekbones, and a nude lip.

At the No Time to Die premiere in September, the Duchess bet on glamor.

Siobhan said: “Every now and then for that extra special touch, Kate dives into beauty trends by brushing the eyebrows to make them fluffy, adding a strip of false lashes and a touch of shimmering shadow to make it look fluffy. shine his eyes.

“Although her cool days are behind her, Kate looks younger than ever.”

Kate now kisses a bushier forehead and smoky eye


Kate now kisses a bushier forehead and smoky eyeCredit: Getty

Sports physics

The Duchess is an avid sportswoman – keeping her fit with a 24 inch waist.

Ty Brennand, celebrity personal trainer and founder of Be The Fittest, said Kate’s figure is one of the most desired.

He said: “She definitely has a great physique. This slim, long, slim look is something that a lot of people want to achieve.

But it’s her passion for nature that Ty says makes her an ideal client for a personal trainer.

He said: “Being stuck in a gym, using the same equipment, doing the same thing over and over again… if you go outside it can be very motivating.

“It can also make a big difference to endorphin levels. “

Kate works out daily with a personal trainer and is a member of the expensive Chelsea Harbor Club, which costs £ 325 a year, which was a favorite of Princess Diana and also commands a membership fee of £ 1,555 for adults, for a total of £ 5,780 per year.

The Duchess likes to mix her sports – favoring yoga and CrossFit, but also tennis and family skiing.

Ty said: “Obviously she’s very busy, but it looks like she’s also very organized. Just have a time when you can prioritize a workout or incorporate a walk with your kids.

Try Ty’s Kate’s Inspired Workout

Personal trainer Ty Brennand says it’s possible to recreate a Kate-like physique with this yoga-inspired workout.

Dog going down to the plank. Repeat the movement. 5 times.

Press Ups. Complete two 30-second sets, resting in between

Dog upside down, knee to triceps contact. Perform 5 reps on each side

Board Press Ups. Perform 5 repetitions on each side.

High level lunge pulse. Hold for 30 seconds on each side.

Burpees. Complete 2 sets of 30 seconds, resting in between.

Squats. Perform 15 repetitions.

Laying the boat, hold for 30 seconds.

Repeat 3 times.

In addition to daily training, Kate is the sponsor of the Lawn Tennis Association


In addition to daily training, Kate is the sponsor of the Lawn Tennis AssociationCredit: Getty
Sporty Wills and Kate have enjoyed skiing since the early days of their relationship


Sporty Wills and Kate have enjoyed skiing since the early days of their relationshipCredit: Doug Seeburg – The Sun

Raw fish and spicy curries

Kate and William appear to be making an effort to reduce their meat consumption.

Chef Raghu Deora – who served the royal couple’s lunch at the Taj Mahal in 2016 – created a meatless menu because he was told it was what they “prefer.”

The Duchess admitted that she likes spicy curries, but William “struggles” if they are too hot.

Kate would prefer a diet of raw foods, low-carb, high-protein dishes, but occasionally enjoys take-out pizza and curry as a treat.

Before her marriage and after giving birth to Prince George and Princess Charlotte, she is said to have followed the Dukan Diet, which is popular with models and celebrities.

It includes lean protein, whole wheat bread, vegetables and fruits.

Kate is also said to be a fan of ceviche – raw fish cured in citrus juices – and sushi.

During a visit to Japan House London in 2018, Prince William told the chef: “My wife and I love sushi. We might have to come here for lunch when no one else is around. ‘inside! ”

A source previously told the Mail Online that Kate drank morning and afternoon smoothies containing spirulina (a type of seaweed), kale, matcha – a finely ground green tea powder – spinach , romaine, cilantro and blueberries.

Glowing skin without sun damage

Kate has been praised for her flawless complexion and youthful-looking skin.

Dr Euan MacKinnon of The Lovely Clinic in Knightsbridge, London, said clients referred to her natural looking profile.

He said: “She looks age-appropriate, but really good for her age.

“It’s not like anyone is saying she looks like she’s 21 when she’s 40.

“Her skin is really beautiful. It’s brilliant. She looks so natural.

Dr Euan says the most important thing Kate will do for her radiant skin is wear sunscreen – even in winter – to protect herself from UV rays and photo aging.

In addition to a healthy lifestyle, Dr Euan suggested that Kate probably uses medical grade skin care to take care of her complexion.

He said, “A key nighttime product that people need to consider – and it probably will be – is prescription retinol.

“Retinol is vitamin A and a derivative that helps stimulate cell renewal in the skin, which will help prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

“It reduces pore size and also helps with pigmentation issues because it removes sun spots as well. Kate will most likely take some kind of prescription retinol. ”

The Duchess has had flawless skin since graduating from college


The Duchess has had flawless skin since graduating from collegeCredit: Getty
Kate is likely to use prescription retinols and sunscreen every day, says Dr Euan MacKinnon


Kate is likely to use prescription retinols and sunscreen every day, says Dr Euan MacKinnonCredit: Getty

Timeless style with universal appeal

From her student days inspired by Sloane rangers to daring fashion choices, Kate’s evolution in style has impressed us all.

Fashion editor Clemmie Fieldsend said: “At first traditional tweeds, riding boots and chunky belts were her fashion idea, then came the blue Issa engagement dress that changed everything.”

Within 24 hours after Kate and William announced their engagement in 2011, the £ 430 wrap dress was completely sold out in the UK boutique.

Since then, the “Kate Effect” is expected to boost UK designers to the tune of £ 1 billion a year, according to Newsweek.

Clemmie says the secret to her fashion successes is their universal appeal.

She said: “She has discovered what suits her body, what she likes and what is stylish without being too ‘chic’.”

The Duchess has also shown her commitment to eco-friendly fashion – reusing and reusing outfits for public events.

Last year Kate wore a £ 158 M&S pink pantsuit on three engagements.

Clemmie said: “Letting go of trends and sticking to what works, be it clear and simple or a statement, Catherine is without a doubt a style queen.”

Kate's Issa engagement dress sold out in 24 hours in 2011


Kate’s Issa engagement dress sold out in 24 hours in 2011Credit: Getty
Kate wore an affordable three-engagement M&S ​​pantsuit in 2020


Kate wore an affordable three-engagement M&S ​​pantsuit in 2020Credit: via REUTERS

Braver hairstyles

Kate’s inflatable locks have been the most in demand at salons across the country.

Celebrity hairstylist and Salon64 founder Ricky Walters said the Duchess’s hairstyle really made sense when she found her marks as a senior royal.

He said: “She has become a little more confident and comfortable in her own skin.

“She has a much more bohemian and relaxed vibe, which I think also kind of reflects her personality.

“The main difference now is that, at least in her everyday look, she moves away from that refined regal vibe and undoes a lot more.

“She’s trying to make the royal hair look cool.”

When Kate was first linked to Prince William, she wore long, naturally dark locks.

Kate tries to make royal hair cool

Ricky Walters, hairdresser

Now she’s reportedly had her grays touched up at Richard Ward hairdressers in Chelsea, while Amanda Cook Tucker has styled and cut the Duchess’s hair since 2012.

The hairdresser was reportedly the second person to visit Kate in hospital after she had Prince George in 2013.

In recent years, the Duchess has performed with 70s-style bangs and highlights during the summer months.

Ricky says the astute Kate will meticulously plan any changes to her hairstyles with her hairstylist.

He said: “It took a lot of planning, a lot of thinking and meeting with his stylist.

“The two are going to figure out exactly what tones they want to choose and then do it because there’s so much pressure on her to look amazing.”

Kate's natural brown locks have become the UK's most envied


Kate’s natural brown locks have become the UK’s most enviedCredit: Rex Features
Kate has become more confident and is now experimenting with her hairstyles and color


Kate has become more confident and is now experimenting with her hairstyles and colorCredit: Getty
Kate at a disco-themed charity party in 2004


Kate at a disco-themed charity party in 2004Credit: PA: Press Association
Kate Middleton Celebrates 40th Birthday With Stunning Snaps Of Her Wearing Alexander McQueen Dresses

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