Rose gold hair is the boldest summer hair color trend. here’s why


Rose gold hair color is one of the most popular trending colors because it suits everyone. A wide range of colors can be classified as “rose gold”, with the “traditional” variation being a combination of blond gold, pink and red. That’s why there’s a rose gold model for everyone!

Apart from the endless balayage and ombré craze, this year has also brought us several other seasonally appropriate hair color trends. When it comes to color, rose gold has been one of the hottest trends in spring and summer, and it looks like this trend will continue into fall as well. It was widely believed that rose gold hair would be a fleeting trend when it first appeared. However, stars and everyday people alike have embraced the iridescent mix of blonde, pink, and sometimes red, ensuring the trend’s continued popularity.

Why is this color in such demand? All skin tones can look their best in this color palette due to the balance between cool (pink) and warm (gold) tones. If rose gold hair or a shade of it is on your list of must-have hair colors, use these images as inspiration.

Photo by @vlasyhrabal/Instagram

Rose Gold Copper: One of the most understated ways to wear this season’s hottest color is with coppery rose gold hair. Coppery rose gold hair, like black, brown, or blonde, is a color that suits everyone because of its universal appeal and radiant intensity. Classic copper, with its rich warmth, complements a wide range of skin tones. Natural redheads and honey blondes can easily rock the rose gold style.


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