Ripple Highlights Hair Color Trend for Summer


  • One of the biggest hair color trends of summer 2022 will be “wavy” highlights.
  • The style is low maintenance, making it perfect for extending the time between trips to the salon.
  • Get inspired by the new blonde hair color and learn what to ask at the salon.

Warmer weather is upon us, which means it’s time to start booking your summer date to get your cut and color ready for the new season. Whether you’re minimalist with your hairstyle or like to go big and try one of the latest hair color trends every year, there’s something for everyone, including those looking to rock their “expensive blonde” color. to a more summery color. look with “ripple” highlights.

It’s pretty common to want to lighten up the summer with your hair color, but most people also don’t want their schedule ruled by touch-up appointments at the salon. “As a result, a ‘lived blonde’ is always a staple in summer color requests at the start of the season,” says Tom Smith, celebrity hairstylist and international color creative director for Evo Hair. However, the “expensive blonde” trend that ruled winter and spring is going to need a bit of updating to make it low maintenance for beach season. “The key is you want to make sure the color outgrowth is soft and flattering and not harsh.”

That’s where the new “wave” hair color trend comes in: the look combines traditional highlights, which are “woven into fine strands that melt into the hair”, with balayage, which includes slightly more color. heavy at the ends of the hair, for a whole new look. “The wavy highlights are a fusion of the two — larger slices of color but painted with precision in foil all the way to the root,” Smith says. “This is followed by a shadow root toner that blends the part closest to the scalp to keep a modern, blended result and a soft root as your hair grows.”

Not only are “ripple” locks, as seen on stars like Hilary Duff and Blake Lively, super flattering, they also grow out nicely, requiring fewer trips to the salon. When you see your stylist, Smith advises asking for “sliced ​​highlights that blend throughout the length of your hair” and a “shadow root toner” to apply just before the highlights begin. It “makes them grow gently by blurring the part closest to the scalp,” he says.

Take a cue from the upcoming “wave” hair color trend.


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