Ribbon Lights Hair-Color Trend for Fall


  • “Bright Ribbons” are a new trend in hair color.
  • The style is low maintenance and involves adding highlights to air-dried hair.
  • In front, a hairdresser breaks down everything you need to know about the color trend.

When it comes to showcasing your hair, two things are extremely important: color and placement. Getting the shade that best suits your skin tone and overall color is key, and it’s equally crucial to make sure the different shades are in areas that add dimension and life to your look. your hair.

Oftentimes, getting your locks to look great every day involves spending lots of quality time with a hair dryer and curling iron. However, if you are someone who craves color but can’t even bother to look in the direction of a hot tool, allow us to introduce you to the hair color trend you are going for. fall in love: “ribbon lights.”

Although the term “glow ribbons” might sound like something you hang on a Christmas tree, you might be surprised to learn that it’s actually one of the hottest beauty trends. of the season.

What are light strips?

Typically, stylists place highlights in areas where the sun would naturally lighten it, but they usually do this on hair that has been blown out with a hair dryer. Luminous tapes are streak panels that are applied to air-dried hair, so stylists can see the best natural placement. This allows the wearer to decide how they want to style their hair on a daily basis. No time for a hair dryer? No problem.

As for the actual shade, Biolage Global Ambassador and Celebrity Stylist Sunnie Brook has some advice: “The highlight color is one to two levels lighter than the overall base color to give the hair reflective qualities without be scratched,” she told POPSUGAR. .

While this hair-coloring technique is meant to be worn by those who frequently air-dry their hair, Brook says the glowing ribbons look great even on hair styled with hot tools. Either way, they give the hair great dimension and shine.

Additionally, all hair types and textures are great candidates for glow tapes, says Brook, but achieving the look you want depends on your current hair history and color. “If you have a lot of highlights, you may also need to apply color all over for a more natural base,” she says. “If you have an all-over dark box color that is much darker than your natural color, it will take a few visits to the salon to get you to your natural base color.” It’s also essential to arrive at the salon with reference photos to ensure that you and your stylist are on the same page regarding the end result.

How to take care of luminous ribbons

Once you’ve achieved your desired color, maintenance can be quite low-key. “Depending on how fast your hair grows and the extent of your glowing ribbons, your color may need a touch-up anywhere from three to six months after your first salon visit,” Brook says. You also have the option of going longer between full highlighting appointments by getting a hair gloss or polish, which can help prolong your color.

However, as with all colored hair, it is essential that you use an at-home shampoo and conditioner that will help prolong the life of your light strips. Brook suggests using Biolage Color Last Shampoo ($21) and we love Sexy Hair Color-Safe Moisturizing Conditioner ($32). Plus, Brook suggests using a more intense treatment like Biolage Strength Recovery Deep Treatment Mask for Damaged Hair ($10) once a week to strengthen hair and repair damage. As Brook says, “It’s important to give your hair some care, especially if you color it and have waves or curls.”

If you decide to use glow tapes because you only wear your hair air-dried, you don’t have to worry about using heat protectants. However, if you use a hair dryer or curling iron often, we suggest incorporating a product into your routine like Dry Bar Hot Toddy Heat Protectant ($29), which will help protect your hair from thermal damage. by hot tools.

Ribbon Lights Inspiration

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