PUBG, Useless with Sunlight Crossover Match Brings Spooky Cosmetics and Occasions


Krafton and Behavior Interactive have collaborated to stream PUBG x Useless via Sunlight Crossover Match in PUBG: Battlegrounds and New State Cellular. This crossover tournament will feature spooky cosmetics and a unique in-game tournament for October.

PUBG x Useless – Cross Match (Like Sunlight):

PUBG x Useless co-operators through Sunlight will host a unique tournament at PPC: Battlegrounds known as Dressed for The Hunt. This tournament starts on October 19 and ends on December 7, 2022, according to the PC model. Alternatively, development will begin on Oct. and end on December 8, 2022, for the console model which will not exist at this point. Throughout the tournament, players have the opportunity to say interesting rewards. Here’s the story of what to say throughout development.

Moreover, the collaboration will even be full of unique recreation options like the in-game hide-and-seek tournament, which is a much more efficient and interesting mode. Players can play this mode throughout the operation of Useless collaboration through Sunlight. A mode for 4 players can be played in case of a game. Once entering the game, the players are the killer or one of the thirty survivors. For the three survivors, this mode would consist of repairing the turbines scattered along the panorama and lighting the ‘Go out’ Gates to save lives and flee. You will find that killers may have to kill survivors and kill them.

This hide and seek tournament allows players to earn rewards during missions. After completing a mission, players can earn rewards.

  • Only survivor outfit code using notice and powerful play is the maximum mode of the game as soon as possible.

  • Spray Merchandiser Play the mode five times.

  • Nurse Masks Kill ten victims as a killer.

New State Cellular x Useless via sunlight.

Krafton has yet to release much information about the New State Cellular x Useless via Sunlight. Due to the leaks, players will be able to purchase useless beauty parts through Sunlight in the store between October 20 and October 33, 2022.

No use by sunlight haunted by sunlight occasions

Along with the New State Cellular and PUBG x Useless via Sunlight collaboration, Useless via Sunlight can even celebrate Halloween with the Haunted via Sunlight tournament, which kicks off on October 11 and runs until November 3.

If any of the players want to participate in the pre-season tournament, they can participate in demanding situations, check the fog environment and take care of all the cosmetics. The sports lobby and loading screens will also help complete a fearsome overhaul. Throughout development, you can be rewarded with daily login rewards. Also, the sport can be undone from November 17 to November 22.



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