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Beauty should be bold and playful – that’s our philosophy – but that can mean different things depending on who you ask. For some, it might mean dyeing the entire head a Barbie blonde hair color or opting for an edgy “lynx cut.” For others, it means showing off your creative side in a more subtle way, like with the latest take on the peekaboo hair color trend, which looks simple on the surface. . . until you find your hair in a ponytail.

“The underlay trend takes the classic peekaboo color look to a new, more dramatic level with statement shades hidden in the nape and ears of the head,” said Jason Backe, celebrity hairstylist and Brite Hair Ambassador , at POPSUGAR. In this style, the hair color is applied to the lower half of your head which is hidden under your main hair color. Unlike the colorblock trend, which also combines two shades, this look is more impactful when the hair is styled in updos like ponytails, buns, and braids. (Hence the name “cuckoo”.)

“The underlay trend takes the classic peekaboo color look to a new, more dramatic level with statement shades hidden in the back of the neck and ears of the head.”

Peekaboo hair works on all hair textures and types, but keep in mind, “It can look very different depending on the curl pattern and color placement,” Backe says. “For example, if someone’s hair is very curly and layered, it’s likely to be easier to spot the color of the undercoat.” That said, once you land on placement with your colorist, your options in terms of color combinations are plentiful. “Undercoat colors can range from a simple blonde or caramel to an exciting pink or purple,” Backe explains. “There is no shadow on the table.”

For best results, you’ll always want to consult a professional colorist at the salon, but if you wanted to try a low-pressure trend, there are options to DIY the peekaboo look at home. For example, you can try a color combo using Brite Hair’s Instant Color ($10), which Backe says will wash out in five to 30 shampoos. The shades work well on naturally light or pre-lightened hair, but if you want the color to show up on darker hair shades, you can consult a professional to lighten it first.

Then, when you’re ready to commit, Backe advises you “explain to your stylist what color you’d ideally like to achieve, as well as how much color you’re comfortable showing day-to-day. For example, do you prefer hints of honey that are only visible when you put your hair up, or do you want to make a statement with a bold statement color on the middle part of your hair?”

Still on the fence about the underlay hair color trend? Check out the fun inspiration to come.


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