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There aren’t many people who would start their own business to free themselves up for community service.

One of those rare people is Kirsty Forrest, owner of the Dye Trying hair salon at 103 W. 4th St., in downtown Clovis, and the Blue Wave tanning salon at 1500 W. 21st St., Clovis.

Owning her own salon, she said, gives her the freedom for her community activities that earned her a Big Heart Award from the Clovis-Curry County Chamber of Commerce in 2019.

With the exception of three years of fashion and merchandising studies at Wade College, a private community college located in Dallas’ fashion district, Forrest has lived and worked in Clovis.

The News asked Forrest a few questions about his service and business background and other business plans. Here are the questions and their answers:

Q: Which of your programs won you the Chamber’s Heart Award in 2019?

A: One is called “Glam-Her.” We collect unused makeup, hair and beauty products from our customers and the community and donate them to women’s emergency shelters. Being able to use a little makeup can mean a lot in this situation.

Q: What type of programs have you been involved in since?

A: We started a new program in June called Get Dirty with Dye Trying where we painted terracotta flower pots, then got our hands dirty to plant cacti and succulents in them, then sold them for $15 each. We raised $560 for United Way of Eastern New Mexico.

Q: What were you doing before you started the Dye Trying salon?

A: I studied fashion and merchandising at Wade College, then went back to Clovis. I got my certificate in cosmetology, then I went to work. I worked 11 years in beauty institutes in Clovis, then I opened Dye Trying.

Q: What is the basic philosophy of your company?

A: We provide a safe place where everyone can feel comfortable, even just hanging out. We are a safe place for transgender people to get their hair cut. I’ve decorated the shop with original artwork, including lots of local artists. I started my own business in order to have the freedom to get involved in community service activities.

Q: What hobbies do you enjoy?

A: I’ve been sewing since I was little. I studied fashion in Dallas. I enjoy designing and sewing vintage style clothing. My fiancé Martin Terrazas rehabilitates old cars. We actually got engaged at Draggin’ Main (an annual event that celebrates vintage car culture in downtown Clovis). At the Heritage Days in Portales we brought cars from the 50s and we all wore 50s pin-up costumes.

I also sewed and sold masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Q: What are your future business plans?

A: I’m planning a hair salon called Atomic Revival. The entrance will be a storage unit that will open onto a speak-easy type interior with a vintage design.

Q: What other family do you have?

A: I have a 12 year old son, Knox, who is entering grade 7 this year. My parents live in Clovis. My father and his parents still live in Clovis. My mother lives in Clovis. She came from Fort Sumner and her mother still lives there.


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