Off-Black Brunette Is The Fashion-Forward Solution To Summer Hair Color Trends – See Photos


Spring and summer trends can be pretty predictable – like florals, pastels, and taking our hair color a little lighter. But a rebellious tendency changes all that. Shattered black hair intercepts normal procedures with a renegade hue that offers a grungier, richer alternative for the season.

Sure, dark brown is a beautiful natural hair color in its own right, but almost black – well, that requires hair dye. The hair tends to be multi-toned in all shades and textures, although these shades are very subtle, so although naturally dark hair “may appear black on first impression, what we actually see is the brunette the darker, with a very, very cool tone,” says colorist Tom Smith.

Natural dark brunettes such as Olivia Rodrigo and Megan Fox sport “dark hair,” Smith says, but lately we’ve seen natural blondes and mousey brunettes looking to get in on the action by switching to ultra-brown hues. dark.

Lily James is the latest celeb to go to the dark side, swapping her cappuccino blonde locks for a darker fade after surprising us all with platinum blonde locks for her stint as Pamela Anderson on Hulu’s. Pam and Tommy. Similarly, actress Zoey Deutch swapped her auburn red hair for a rich brunette at the 2021 Met Gala in September, and she’s been getting closer to black ever since. Natural blonde Katy Perry has made raven locks her signature look, and Dove Cameron recently made the same change. Plus, after bleaching her hair white blonde for this year’s Grammy Awards, Dua Lipa dyed her hair back (almost) black right after.

While it’s not the default direction most of us tend to go for Spring/Summer, an ultra-deep brunette hair color is edgy, unexpected, but still super pretty. It has grit and depth that you can’t get from a blonde.

Want yourself? “Cool-toned colors always appear darker than warmer colors,” Smith explains. So to get the depth that dark-haired girls love, ask your hair colorist for “extremely ashy, cool tones with no red tones or warmth in there. It almost has a bluish undertone in certain lights,” she adds. -he.

As with the rest of your beauty look, a dramatic new hair color usually requires tweaking your makeup routine. Darker hair colors can make you look a little washed out — great if you’re into the grungy aesthetic that pops up on TikTok. But otherwise, introducing warmer tones and going a bit heavier with your bronzer can balance things out. And since our skin tone naturally warms up as summer approaches, now is actually the perfect time to darken.


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