Nars Cosmetics launches on the Drest app as one of the first users


As part of its continued adoption of new digital platforms, makeup brand Nars Cosmetics is one of the first to adopt the new beauty feature on the editorial fashion game app Drest.

Starting October 9, the beauty brand will be featured in a nine-day in-app campaign, allowing users to create personalized beauty looks on virtual model avatars with 30 different Nars products, including eye shadow. , eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and blush. Users can also add looks to moodboards and click to buy products from the Nars site.

“It was something that seemed like a really exciting opportunity, as we definitely immersed ourselves in the game,” said Dina Fierro, vice president of global digital strategy and social engagement at Nars Cosmetics.

Founded by the former editor of British Harper’s Bazaar and Porter Magazine Lucy yeomansTwo-year-old Drest works as a high fashion digital version of adult paper dolls. Users can complete challenges and earn points by creating virtual looks. In addition to virtual in-app purchases and an affiliate link partnership with Farfetch, the app also offers sponsored brand challenges. So far, it has mostly been fashion partners like Prada, Chloe and Stella McCartney, as well as a recent foray into jewelry with Cartier. Beauty is its latest extension.

“Beauty was such an important element for our players. Every time we do polls, it was our number one feature that they were asking for, ”Yeomans said. The app had previously worked with celebrity makeup artist Mary Greenwell to create virtual makeup looks for the game in May 2020. Nars is the second beauty partner to collaborate with the app for a brand campaign, after Gucci Beauty, which launched on October 1. We knew branded beauty was something we wanted to bring into the game. ”

Nars is using the campaign to showcase its flagship products as well as to highlight the introduction of its new shades of Air Matte lipstick. Users can apply makeup looks with varying intensity levels, allowing 62 variations in total.

“A lot of consumers actually consider the in-game experience to be almost a virtual tryout,” Fierro said. Brand awareness is another goal for app sponsors.

“I would say Drest is largely a discovery platform, which we know is one of the biggest challenges in luxury e-commerce: how do you get your brand out there? How do they find you, in the midst of all the noise and all the amazing stuff? Yeomans said.

The competition aspect of the game is also a draw, with top personalities having to select winning looks to win prizes – Christian Louboutin was a celebrity judge for a previous competition in July 2020. Once the Nars campaign ends on October 18, the brand’s global artistic director, Jane Richardson, will select the designers of the 15 winning looks to receive a special set of Air Matte products.

This isn’t Nars’ first in-game initiative. In February 2021, he also created digital looks for Animal Crossing, and in 2016, he developed looks for Kim Kardashian’s virtual game. More recently he created makeup for the Zepeto virtual avatar app.

“The scale of the game is inevitable and impossible to ignore,” said Fierro. “We think it really makes sense that we present ourselves in these environments where consumers, and in many cases our primary consumers, spend so much of their time. [It] allows them to have perhaps a little more immersive experience with the brand than social media allows.

Drest currently uses a range of virtual models with varying skin tones and body types, with plans to eventually allow people to create their own avatars based on their photos, Yeomans said. The technology for people to put their own photos in the app is “probably a little over a year away,” she said.

The app has more in store for beauty, which is temporary for now but will be added to the app permanently early next year, Yeomans said. Drest has also included hand poses with makeup looks, which will include looks created by collaborating nail artists in 2020.

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