Naomi Osaka’s Honey Blonde Is The Perfect Winter Hair Color


Fans look to tennis champion Naomi Osaka for inspiration for a lot of things – and hair looks are no exception. Earlier this week, Osaka gave her 2.8 million Instagram followers new hair inspiration to add to their beauty mood board when she debuted with newly dyed honey blonde hair.

Ossaka and his hairdresser Martin-Christophe Harper both posted the same photo of the new hair color on their Instagrams, which shows Osaka wearing her natural, shoulder-length curls. The blonde shade is bright and it looks like Harper has kept her natural root color.

While Osaka doesn’t mention the hair change in her post (she writes “😃 the scar on my leg is never going to go away” for her caption). Harper reposted the same image, giving credit to all of the markings used on Osaka’s hair.

You’ll likely recognize some of the fan favorite hair care brands Harper used for this makeover. he tags Redken in the legend for the blonde shade and NatureLab.Tokoyo, K18, and Olaplex for hair care. He also credits the celebrity makeup artist Fall Moultrie and stylist Jason rembert in the post for the entire Osaka look.

It is safe to say that the tennis star is a beauty enthusiast who is not afraid to experiment with different hair colors. Fans saw tennis champion and beauty founder KINLO change her natural curls with red braids and hot pink wigs. While it is difficult to choose a favorite shade, this new blonde shade definitely takes pride of place.

She often tends to experiment with different undertones, so enjoy her honey blonde curls while you can. Who knows what color she will choose next? Your best guess is as good as any other, but one thing is for sure – everyone will be anxiously awaiting the next reveal.

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