Meghan Markle Hair Color: How to Get Her Sunny Look


It’s a similar story for raven-colored hair, but when creating dimension, complementary tones are a must. “Deep brunettes should focus on brown-on-brown highlights, keeping the shade variation to three shades at most,” Lee says of the secret behind those famous Meghan Markle lengths. “Honey, chestnut, copper and rich chocolate browns offer a wide range of choices to keep brunettes interesting and versatile. Even for my deepest, richest brunettes, I formulate lighter and process longer to ensure a natural result and reflective shine.


Photo: Getty Images

Sunny red hair is one of Lee’s favorite color challenges, and she promises it can even be done without fading or highlighting. The main thing is to create movement. “I achieve this by both highlighting and saving strategic pieces of faded color in areas where I would normally place a highlight, smeared with a heavy conditioner in a foil – the only time I use foils because I’m a balayage purist, so even if the color accidentally slips, the saved hair won’t be penetrated,” she explains. “After processing the color on the roots and ends, I rinse everything out, with the leaves still intact, and once all the color has come out, I remove the leaves and rinse the conditioner thoroughly. I then mix in a vibrant gloss of ‘one to two shades lighter than the base color and I apply it all over for 10 minutes to give the saved parts an intentional tone and the rest tons of shine. All you’re left with are healthy, naturally sun-kissed auburn lengths. , and more time saved.


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