Megan Fox gets platinum blonde hair color, looks unrecognizable


Megan Fox can now really start pairing up with her boyfriend, Kelly machine gun, as she is swinging platinum blonde hair just like the rocker. The actress debuted her new look in an October 8 Instagram photo.

The 35-year-old star could be seen giving the camera a sultry expression, as her new platinum blonde braids rolled over her shoulders in soft waves. Megan’s roots were always her natural shade of dark brown. She had a face full of glam makeup, including dark eyes, thick eyebrows, and a pink lip with her mouth seductively partially open.

Megan captioned the photo, “This is what the Devil’s Daughter looks like. #JohnnyAndClyde coming Spring 2022. Johnny and Clyde is the actress’ last film and filming is currently underway.

She plays the role of Alana in the film, which describes as, “Johnny and Clyde are two serial killers who are madly in love and on a never-ending crime spree. They aim to rob a successful casino held by crime boss Alana and guarded by a demonic slayer she commands. It sounds crazy, but totally amazing!

Courtesy of Megan Fox / Instagram

Now that Megan is blonde, fans will no longer be eligible for buddy pairing photos Kourtney kardashian … Unless she’s wearing a wig. Megan and Kourt, 42, recently performed together in a series of announcements for Kim kardashianSKIMS cotton collection.

Both ladies wore a matching white bra and underwear set as Kourtney fed the Transformers star cherries from a plate. They also wore identical black underwear as they pressed their chests and stomachs together and each ate from one side of an apple.

Kourtney and Megan also ditched their bras to model a pair of SKIMS Ribbed thongs in black cotton. The beauties looked identical with their killer bodies, long dark locks and tanned skin. But now they both look so different, because while Megan is now blonde, Kourtney cut her long hair into a super chic short hairstyle.

Megan and MGK, 31, have always loved coordinating their outfits, and having matching looks should be even more exciting for the avant-garde duo now that they have the same hair color as him! Incredible pairing moments on the red carpet are coming for the stylish lovebirds now that they both have platinum braids.

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