Marvel’s Midnight Suns DLC will include new superheroes and cosmetics


Marvel’s Midnight Suns character roster is nearly complete now that Spider-Man and Scarlet Witch have been confirmed, but if you’re worried your favorite superhero hasn’t made the cut, don’t worry – it’s possible that he does in Firaxis’ upcoming DLC ​​Marvel strategy game.

“There are more characters to come after release,” confirms senior franchise producer Garth DeAngelis. “We have four heroes in the works…they will have their own story missions, they will have the full gameplay suite. So all the new abilities that you can bring to your decks as well as develop friendships with them and relationships and things like that.

These characters will likely be part of the season pass announced today during Summer Game Fest. DeAngelis hasn’t confirmed the identities of the new heroes, but Midnight Suns already features characters from multiple areas of Marvel fandom – The Avengers, X-Men, New Mutants, and heroes like Blade and Ghost Rider. DeAngelis also says that Marvel has been very easy to work with, and the implication is that Firaxis has free rein to introduce any characters it feels it has the resources to do so.

“[Marvel has] been so cool to work with,” says DeAngelis. “I’m not kidding, they were just like, ‘what do you guys want to do?’ And we told them, and they told us, “Okay, here’s some information.”

In addition to the four new characters, we also know that there will be an in-game market area for “premium” cosmetics. DeAngelis confirms that Firaxis has no plans to sell card packs in the marketplace, but he will be sell additional cosmetics, such as iconic costumes from the wider Marvel Multiverse.

“[There are] lots of throwbacks to different comic book series and unique new outfits we’ve created with Marvel. You can equip them not only in battle, but you can have them in the Abbey.

Depending on which edition of Midnight Suns you buy, you may get some of these from the start. The Legendary Edition, for example, includes a huge 23 cosmetic skins, as well as the season pass itself.

The release date for Marvel’s Midnight Suns is October 7, 2022 on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. It is available for pre-order now. Check out our thoughts on the gameplay in our hands-on preview.


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