Make Up By Mario brand review: Does Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist line live up to the hype?



ario Dedivanovic is one of the most instantly recognizable makeup artists in the world.

With a legion of 8.8 million Instagram followers, you might know him best as Make Up By Mario or as Kim Kardashian’s trusted makeup artist – and now he’s put his two decades in experience in the beauty game at the service of an eponymous make-up brand.

Mario is a pioneer and spearhead of global viral trends. The New York-born artist began his career at Sephora’s perfume counter and has grown steadily since, now enjoying an enviable little black book from a prominent clientele. He started The Masterclass to teach people around the world and share his tips and tricks.

These are premium products that are designed to be universal for all skin tones. Since its inception in 2017, Mario has perfected the formulas to ensure quality so that each product has a versatile touch and is easy to use. You’ll find dual-ended pencils and blush sticks as well as palettes for multiple uses – whether it’s eyeshadow, browbones, highlighter, and skin tone.

Master Mattes â„¢ Eyeshadow Palette

This is considered by Mario to be the flagship of the line and was the first he worked on. It is inspired by human skin tones where all the shades can be used by each skin tone in different ways. It also results in an extremely timeless palette that outperforms trends. Use the top row to highlight, brighten, set base or in the crease of your eye, while deeper shades create definition or can be used for contouring. They are also designed to be mixed and blend together perfectly. The formula blends into the skin and, when paired with a primer, will last as long as you need it. The shades aren’t overly pigmented and that was the intention, so you don’t need to be careful about how much you use – they’re extremely buildable. Shades 6 and 11 can be used on the eyebrows, while the darker shade is great for creating a smokey eye look.

Makeup by Mario

Master Metals â„¢ and Master Metal Manipulator â„¢ Eyeshadow Palette

It feels like Mario is really expanding his makeup expertise with this palette. It’s a truly unique set of shades to help you create the post-containment drama you are looking for. It takes inspiration from the natural metals of the earth with loose metallic pigments contained in the formula. You will notice that there is an empty part of the board and this is where the Metal Manipular comes in. To create an even more intense and long-lasting look, add the formula to the tray. Then dip your brush in the liquid, then in the shadow for a super covering look.

If you want to forgo this step, you can use the product dry, but it’s worth using your finger on a brush to maximize the color. Get creative and mix up the undertones – for example, adding bronze to gold gives a deeper, coppery hue. The metal manipulator sets the product in place – Mario even suggests putting it on your lipstick as a seal before wearing your mask.

Makeup by Mario

Master Metallics â„¢ Eyeshadow Palette

If you thought you had heard all about weird and wonderful beauty products, think again. This extremely innovative palette is made up of the colors of human cells. Mario took a microscopic look at the human body and designed these shades to flatter all skin tones. It really doesn’t get much more inclusive than that.

The shades have a beautiful color and a creamy texture. They provide a beautiful shine that is more buildable the more you layer. For a more intense look, use your finger and dab the shades. Like the Master Mattes, it’s also designed to be mixed and matched and mixed so you can really customize your look, but the intention here is for a quick color hit.

Makeup by Mario

Master Pigment Pro â„¢ Super Black Pencil

Mario was inspired by his sister to create this product because she always struggled to create uniform wings (it’s not easy to be the brother of one of the best makeup artists in the world!). At one end you will find the pencil, while the other is a flat brush. This is to help you master Mario’s signature technique where instead of drawing the movie, he mixes it up to make it more symmetrical. The pencil glides over the eye with a pigmented finish. Using his technique, you have to draw to the corner of the eye and then slide the brush up under the liner to create the wing. The brush does the hard part. Also apply under the eyes to bring them out and highlight the intense color of the product.

Makeup by Mario

Master Mattes â„¢ Super Black Liquid Pencil

After Mario discovered that liquid liners lost their definition, he designed this product where the tip should stay sharp and not break or bend. The beauty of this liner is its versatility – you can create extremely fine lines or get thick and graphic. It’s a highly pigmented formula, so you shouldn’t need to draw over and over again, but it dries to matte. It’s especially good for false eyelashes to hide that telltale band line. If you make a mistake, it takes a few minutes for the product to really install so that you can easily get rid of any mishap, but after that it really doesn’t budge and is water resistant as well.

Makeup by Mario


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