Kaley Cuoco’s Bangs Haircut and Bronde Hair Color


Image source: Getty / David Livingston / Stringer

Kaley Cuoco is a fresh bronde with a new haircut to match. The actor captured the hair-refresh process on his Instagram story, and his followers were off on an adventure from start to finish.

“I’m ready for a change, can you handle this?” Cuoco asked her hairstylist, Tommy Buckett, to which Buckett quickly replied, “Yeah, I can. I’m just going to do you a dark blonde and golden lip gloss. It’ll blend your natural [color] in these older highlights. It will give it warmth, light, splendour.”

This process turned Cuoco’s hair into a gorgeous bronde shade — perfect for the upcoming fall and winter months — but Buckett wasn’t quite done. Cuoco, who previously had more than one layered fringe, went back to her roots and got wispy “Birkin” bangs. The cut, reminiscent of her character Cassandra on the hit series ‘The Flight Attendant’, seems to be one of Cuoco’s favorites, as she has worn it on many red carpets.

Bronde is the perfect color for brunettes or people with darker blonde hair looking to transition to a lighter shade. If you want to try color, celebrity colorist Rita Hazan advises adding subtle highlights to blend the look together. Plus, you can “ask for colors like honey, caramel, or sun, which often sit on the border between the two hues,” she previously told POPSUGAR. Take a closer look at Cuoco’s new haircut and color below.

Image source: Instagram user kaleycuoco

Image source: Instagram user kaleycuoco


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