Julia’s new dark hair color falls flat with fans


Julia ditched her light brown hair and dyed it a darker shade. But, most fans didn’t seem impressed with her new look and claimed he was “aging” her.

The 90 day fiancé Star Julia Trubkina recently dyed her hair a darker shade. However, fans don’t seem too impressed with her new look. It seems that Julia’s on-screen character is negatively affecting her real life, as she has recently received a lot of criticism. Julia previously posted a “Victoria beckhamcheck out Instagram while wearing a black dress and heavy makeup. While loyal fans of Julia thought she was gorgeous, others said she lacked makeup skills.

She was also mocked for not hydrating her skin properly and for using excessive highlighter and bronzer on her face. According to some reviews, Julia looked older than her age. But, the former go-go dancer has received tons of positive feedback for her no-makeup photo posted from a Russian bathhouse. Photos of Julia also revealed her invisible rib tattoo.

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After hypnotizing fans with her public bath photos, Julia now shows her new hair color. She posted a collage of two photos on Instagram while sporting her darker hair. Numerous 90 day fiancé viewers may recall that Julia had long, light brown hair on the show. The 26-year-old beauty looked adorable in her cute pink dress and completed her look with white tennis shoes.

Julia looked quite impressed with her gorgeous new hair and thanked her stylist. But, she failed to impress most of her fans as they couldn’t find much of a difference in her hair color. A critical wrote, “Didn’t she have the same color throughout the season? Or am I missing something?“Another said:”The hair color is the same!“Others said she just changed her hair from light brown to dark brown. One fan said:”Yes, a darker color and it ages her.“Some thought that Julia’s pose in the photo was also quite uncomfortable.

Julia captioned the photo as follows: “Are you divorced? no, i just changed my hair color.” Some 90 day fiancé Fans believe that since Brandon did not join Julia on her trip to Russia, there could be some trouble in Heaven. But viewers can stop worrying about this newly married couple. Brandon recently posted an adorable photo kissing with his wife, confirming that they are still madly in love with each other. Julia also said curious 90 day fiancé fans that Brandon couldn’t join her due to her busy schedule and visa issues.

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