Jenny McCarthy creates a line of vegan cosmetics


Masked Singer judge Jenny McCarthy creates a vegan cosmetic line called Formless Beauty. The company uses clean and natural ingredients.

The masked singer judge, Jenny McCarthy, has created a new line of vegan cosmetics called Formless Beauty. Jenny had been a vegetarian for several years before announcing she was vegan in 2009. She has long drawn attention to the benefits of the vegan lifestyle.

Jenny has been outspoken about how gluten-free and dairy-free diets can keep people healthy. The 48-year-old has spent much of her adult life in the limelight, using numerous beauty and cosmetic products for her television roles. As she got older, she became more aware and attentive to the products she used on her face. She realized that so many brands claim to be natural and organic, but when she read the labels, there were too many unnatural ingredients that were unrecognizable to her. She knew there was a disconnect between what people think was natural and pure and what really is. She wanted to use ingredients that people can actually pronounce.

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Jenny made it her mission to create a line of cosmetics in harmony with her values. She launched Formless Beauty, a line that meets true clean beauty standards. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Jenny spoke about how many celebrity brands are out there, but not all of them are vegan and cruelty-free, and how proud she is that Formless Beauty is. The first products will be three colors of lip gloss, all in different shades of pink. She joked that she had “A bit of lip gloss addiction. I apply it constantly.” Because lip gloss is applied to the mouth and is ingested often, Jenny felt it was especially important that the ingredients were vegan. Therefore, the brand uses ingredients like shea butter and grapefruit seeds. As the company launches into lip gloss, Jenny is planning a future which includes many other products. She explained:

“I learned so much through this process. I now know how much science is still evolving, and we always find out what happens when certain things enter our system – this is something I keep in mind. when I expand the product line. My mission is to crack the code and make cosmetics not only amazing and beautiful but also healthy. I want you to choose my brand because yes it looks great , but it’s good for you. “

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Jenny cared not only for the physical health of her clients, but also for their mental health. That’s why she named each lip gloss with a specific intention: Manifest, Dream, and Love. Jenny believes in the importance of practicing affirmations to create a more positive lifestyle. She said, “When you apply it, you say the word, you feel the word, and [hopefully] keep it in your head. We wear makeup all day, so I thought naming lip gloss after uplifting terms would keep the [wearer] in alignment to sort of use it as a meditation. ” Jenny’s passion for her products is evident in her commitment to her work. She works with another person to get her point across. Jenny does all of her own digital Instagram ads, takes photos, and learns how to edit. She said, “I love it and I really fall in love with the process. It’s something that really came out of my heart.”

Jenny McCarthy’s mission to create a vegan beauty line will benefit people because of its clean and natural ingredients. Formless Beauty is made in the USA and meets the highest standards for consumer safety. The masked singer The judge’s mission to unmask the truth about the ingredients in cosmetics is admirable and important. Formless Beauty will definitely help Jenny fans manifest, dream and love.

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Source: PEOPLE

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