Jennifer Fisher’s New Fragrance Is One Of Those “Scents That Make You Feel Dear” – Review


Whenever I travel, I like to pack one (OK, maybe two) scents that I’ve designated as the official travel scent. In this way, I have an olfactory memory anchored to this destination or this period for each time I choose to relive it. My last international trip, to a prestigious wellness resort in Austria for on-the-ground reporting, demanded a very specific choice: something compact enough to fit in my carry-on without being jolted by the TSA, sufficiently soothing to match the ambiance of the alpine oasis, and highly durable so it lasts through hikes, meals, and medical treatment without reapplication. Finally, it should smell expensive, as my wellness-seeking colleagues would expect as much – but we’ll get to that later.

After careful consideration, I landed on a new luxury formula that had just arrived on my desk before my flight: the Jennifer Fisher My Scent Perfume Oil Rollerball.

My Scent Rollerball Perfume Oil

I was surprised at first that Jennifer Fisher, a jewelry designer adored by her red carpet clientele and the master behind some of Jennifer Lopez’s favorite hoop earrings, ventured into perfumery. That said, the fragrance looks like a sparkling accessory that amps up any outfit or beauty look, and Fisher wanted her new fragrance oil to make a statement for the wearer.

“I want everyone who wears My Scent to feel confident and sexy,” she says Seduce. “And smell like a freshly baked cookie.” On first use, I didn’t flag baked goods as a top note, but I immediately fell in love with the vanilla and coconut that Fisher knew she wanted to include in the formula.

“The blend of vanilla and coconut brings back memories of my childhood in Santa Barbara, California,” she says. “For years I combined different scents of vanilla and coconut to try to create my own scent. Finding a scent that was a combination of surf wax from the beaches of my hometown of Montecito and a freshly baked cookie is what I’ve always wanted.”

Australian sandalwood, pear and tonka bean flank the creamy hero notes, and it all combines to smell both sunny and cozy, like slipping on a cashmere sweater on a breezy summer night. Carrying it around is just as easy: I’ve carried the tiny roller in my airplane carry-on, my spa robe to and from massages and lunch, and even in my fanny pack while Nordic walking in the mountains.


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