How to recreate the star’s iconic makeup


Blonde curls, red lips, delicate mole: few stars have marked our visual culture as much as Marilyn Monroe.

When Kim Kardashian stepped out on the Met Gala red carpet earlier this year, the reference was unmistakable. With Monroe’s famous nude sequin dress clinging to her body, bleached blonde hair, the Kardashian paid homage (albeit controversially) to the star’s endurance in the American imagination.

Now Monroe’s image is being brought back to the big screen with Blond: Marilyn is having a moment, it seems. The film, from Australian director Andrew Dominik, is based on Joyce Carol Oates’ loosely biographical account of Monroe’s life and features picture-perfect recreations of her most iconic looks.

Ana de Armas plays Marilyn Monroe in the new film Blonde.Credit:Netflix via hotspot

“There are few makeup looks as iconic as Marilyn Monroe’s,” says artist Katie Angus. “She embodied old Hollywood glamor like no other with her strikingly contoured eye and dazzling red lips, setting a precedent for beauty trends for years to come.”

“For a classic take on ‘The Marilyn’, aim for an even finish to your base with a medium/full coverage foundation. She notoriously applied Vaseline under her foundation, but I recommend sticking moisturizer and primer for longevity,” says Angus, who recommends Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation for medium coverage or Tom Ford Traceless Soft Matte for fuller coverage.


“Strip lashes are a must to finish the look,” Angus continues, “and for those brave enough, molesting with a soft eyeliner pencil adds the final character.”


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