How makeup is changing us



Make-up makes its mark. It affects the way we are seen and the way we see ourselves.

But is it as important as the cosmetics companies might make us believe?

Make-up: it can be imposed, but it’s not the end as beauty companies might have us believe.Credit:Coffee with milk

A new infographic offers insight into the impact of makeup over time.

The graph (which you can see in full below), created for cosmetics retailer Space NK, shows that the earliest recorded use of makeup was 1400 BC.

The graph also shows that eye makeup – before foundation and lipstick – is considered to make the most beneficial difference to appearance, women who wear makeup tend to earn more and we spend on average. $ 230,000 in cosmetics in our lifetime. .

This shows that in at least one experiment, women with makeup were flirted with bars 33% more often, and that makeup, by accentuating the contrast, can make us look more feminine and younger.

Makeup doesn’t just change how other people perceive us, research shows, it also changes how we perceive ourselves.

When women wear makeup, they tend to see themselves in a more objective light and are likely to feel more confident and outgoing.

War paint is our friend, it seems.



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