Hair color “Herringbone locks”: details and images


  • If you prefer your hair to be low-maintenance in the summer, “herringbone highlights” should be on your radar.
  • The hair color trend incorporates a herringbone pattern that works with your grays for a natural look instead of covering them up.
  • A professional hairstylist breaks down the trend and how you can achieve it.

There are two types of people in the summer: those who thrive in hot, humid weather and those who can’t get away from the air conditioner for more than 30 seconds. If you fall into the latter camp, the summer months can make you want to do as little physically as possible to avoid the weather — and cut back on your monthly hair coloring appointments.

If that means skipping on those root touch-ups for all gray hair, we have a solution that’s as low-maintenance as it is stylish: “herringbone highlights.”

According to Tom Smith, hairstylist and International Creative Director of Color for Evo Hair, this trend makes perfect sense, given the times: “Since the pandemic, it’s been wonderfully more acceptable to show off your natural grays,” he said. he told POPSUGAR. “Celebs such as Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Sarah Jessica Parker are leading the way when it comes to incorporating gray hair into their signature hair colors.”

So what exactly are chevron highlights? “Using a highlight herringbone pattern, various shades are woven among the gray strands, resulting in a finely balanced blend of warm and cool tones,” Smith explains. “The trend is really celebrating gray hair by including it in a hair color design as an extra highlight color instead of covering it up.”

If you want to follow the trend but don’t know what to ask your stylist at the salon, Smith has a suggestion. “Ask your colorist to include your gray hair in your highlighting pattern by adding warm and cool toned highlighting and blending it into your hair in an irregular pattern,” he says. “Do not alternate each shade, but scatter and diffuse the different shades around the uneven pattern of your own gray hair. Gray hair tends to come sporadically and scattered – some even clumps together – so work with this rather than fighting against it for a hair color design that’s totally right for you.”

Keep scrolling for some of our favorite examples of “herringbone highlights.”


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