Hair Color For Light Blue Eyes: The Right Shades, Caramel, Blonde, Brown


Use the hair as if it were made up.

the hair color has extraordinary power. It can instantly transform our appearance. The color of our skin and that of our eyes. Obviously, this is a question of optics. But fundamental.

Change hair color equivalent to wearing a new shade of eyeshadow or eyeliner. You will appear to modify theintensity of your eyes. To accentuate the color or, on the contrary, to lighten it. So, if you are planning to change your hair color for the new year (you will find all the trending shades of 2022 here), consider your eye color.

For a more careful and conscious choice, you can take a look at the color chosen by the stars. In this article, we’ll take a look at the ideal hair shades for those who have light blue eyes. About 10 percent of the population.

Hair color for light blue eyes: blonde is never predictable

the more classic blond it is at Jennifer lawrence, our American daughter, super pregnant. Her light blue eyes are accompanied, in her particular case, by blonde hair from honey to platinum. According to the most usual color range some blondes. A staircase that never gets bored …

Gigi Hadid with sandy blonde hair. Getty photo

the dirty blonde by Taylor Swift and Rachel McAdams, adds a rock touch to their beauty looks. the sand and warm color, is loved by Gigi Hadid.

Brown hair: the detachment that brings out sky blue looks

Order a chestnut express, Megan Fox (with some faux black Cleopatra additions that make her look feline). Gigi Hadid, naturally blonde, walked the runway with unusual brown hair in chocolate tones. Stressing how much he is color break has the power to make his eyes even brighter.

Chocolate is also particularly appreciated by Mme Maisel, or rather by the actress Rachel Brosnahan. In all its variations: from milk chocolate (lighter and hotter) to that dark (dark and deep).

chocolate blue eyes hair color

Rachel Brosnahan with chocolate brown hair. Getty photo

Red hair for blue eyes

Red haired queens: actresses Amy Adams and Julianne Moore they know how to bring out the color of the sky in their eyes. Preserve the hair color that Mother Nature gave them, since birth. Porcelain skin, are the queens of red hair. The perfect shade for their eyes.

The copper, from lightest to darkest and classic intensity for Nicole kidman and Emma Stone. The protagonist of Cruella chooses to highlight the light blue color of her eyes even with makeup. By coloring them with eyeshadows and pencils in light tones (from green to light blue) and glittery strokes.

Nicole Kidman hair color for light blue eyes copper hair

Nicole Kidman with her auburn hair. And the makeup of the same color. Getty photo

the Red titian (inspired by the hot and sultry red loved by the painter of the Venetian school), transforms every woman with blue eyes into one fatal Woman. Gigi Hadid also managed to experiment with this nuance. And the transformation into vampire model it’s instantaneous.

Check out the celestial-eyed stars and the undertones of their hair in the GALLERY. The vouchers for highlighting sky blue looks.


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