GTA Online rings in 2022 with double rewards, exclusive cosmetics and the Mammoth Patriot Mil-Spec


Head into GTA Online over the next few days to get a bunch of free cosmetics.

Patriot from GTA Online

GTA Online is no stranger to offering free content and double the rewards, and Rockstar is making sure its community ends the year on a high. Today’s update brings bonus rewards for activities like special cargo sales and security contracts, but also sees the arrival of exclusive ‘party’ cosmetics and the super-bulky Mammoth vehicle. Patriot Mil-Spec.

If you’re looking to line up your pockets quickly or improve your GTA Online profile, consider tackling one of the following tasks, which offer some form of a GTA $ or RP bonus:

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  • Security contracts: 50% bonus on GTA $ and RP
  • Pay phone calls: 50% bonus on GTA $ and RP
  • Special freight sales missions: 2X GTA $ and RP
  • All works and VIP challenges: Double rewards
  • Little runners: Double rewards
  • Resurrection: 2X GTA $ and RP


Rockstar has stated that once you complete a few security contracts Franklin will contact you with a paid phone call which will grant you an additional GTA $ 200,000. And for Resurrection, you will earn the double reward bonus whether you are on the winning or losing team.

Shades of Party GTA

GTA Online also makes it easier to celebrate the New Year with the Blue Glow Shades Sunglasses and the Party Glow Necklace. Both are available for free to all players, and you’ll be able to find a bunch of other festive cosmetics available for purchase. You can even claim the “Festive Farewell Surprise Package” for free when you play GTA Online this week, which includes:

  • Brown sea lion mask
  • Festive green t-shirt
  • Fireworks launcher + 20 rockets
  • Full snacks and armor
  • 25 sticky bombs and grenades
  • 10 local mines
  • 10 Molotovs

Most of the above GTA Online bonuses will be available until January 5, so be sure to log in and claim your free loot before going too deep into 2022.

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