Gray hair: how to get oyster gray hair, silver hair color trend of 2022


“To go gray, you need to pre-lighten the hair to a clean white blonde and then tone with a custom gray blend tone,” says Siobhan Jones of Headmasters, who was responsible for silvering Little’s Jade Thirlwall’s hair. mix.

Make sure the shade matches your skin tone

When deciding on a new shade for your hair, it’s important to consider how the color will complement your skin tone. However, with shades of gray in particular, the risk of “washing out” your complexion is greater than ever.

Sapphire Driver, brand manager and colourist at Bleach London, explains: “We all have our preferences for how the different tones go together, but there is a risk that gray will wash out the skin if it’s not balanced. Those with more yellow or cooler skin may find it harder to wear, while someone with more warmth and pink in their skin might find it really beautiful.

It may be better to do things gradually

When it comes to getting the perfect gray tresses, patience turns out to be a virtue. Although it can be hard to resist the urge to jump straight in, Sapphire advises that slow and steady wins the race. “Gradually increase the balayage or highlights so you don’t block your hair fade in one swipe. It is a good option for those with dark hair. It will be a more subtle transition and can be complemented with more bleached out sections/highlights.

But while it’s definitely an alternative for the brunettes among us, we suggest you avoid trying this at home and leave it strictly to the professionals.

The process can get uncomfortable

If you’re looking to wear your gray all the way to your scalp, be prepared for a slight burning sensation from the bleach. When our fashion editor Charlie went white blonde, she warned it could get a little uncomfortable as the wait dragged on.

“Anyone wanting to adopt this color should also be aware that lightening their hair to this tone can weaken them,” says Siobhan. Luckily, the color is great with buzzcuts and pixies….

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Toner is your best friend

The fate of perfect gray hair is in the hands of the toner. Once your hair has been bleached, all that remains is toning to achieve your perfect shade, and maintaining it is very important if you want your color to last. Sapphire explains, “Gray can sometimes start to turn a bit green over time if not regularly toned. If you decide to go gray or silver, know that you’ll probably need to tone your hair every three weeks to maintain the color.


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