Go live? Why Live Trading is Still Slow in SEA’s Beauty Market


Jeraldine Chan is the co-owner and chief opinion leader (KOL) of MyBKKShop, which hosts live sales sessions on Facebook Live, primarily focusing on women’s lifestyle products.

Founded two years ago, MyBKKShop has grown from a team of four to 20 operating in both Singapore and Thailand. The platform organizes live sessions from all over the world, from Japan to the United States.

Thailand is just the first stop of MyBKKShop. Chan hinted that the company is considering expansion into other countries in the SEA region.

The drive to expand was underpinned by Chan’s optimism about the advancement of live trading in Singapore and the wider SEA region.

However, she noted that the live trading space in the region is still in its infancy and lacks many advancements that could potentially hinder its growth in the region.

She pointed to the lack of an integrated system to help on the backend as a major hurdle as well as the lack of a sense of community that makes the landscape more vibrant. Moreover, each market is fragmented by the use of different platforms.

For more on Chan’s thoughts on the live trading scene in SEA, watch our video above.

Beauty and commerce live

Chan, known as Queen J to her followers, started broadcasting live from Bangkok, Thailand in 2020 when COVID-19 hit.

One of Chan’s greatest feats was clearing the shelves of a Moschino outlet worth over 100,000 euros in Serravalle, Italy, during a live broadcast, which drew attention of local Italian media.

While MyBKKShop started out primarily in fashion, Chan has now expanded into selling a range of products, including beauty, food, household products, and supplements.

Social commerce has been touted as the future of online shopping and at the heart of it is live streaming. Marriage of retail and entertainment, it’s a channel that beauty brands have explored but whose potential has yet to be fully tapped.

Chan said CosmeticDesign-Asia​that beauty products and services perform exceptionally well on live commerce.

“You can continue to sell bags and shoes, but there is a limit to the number of bags and shoes you can buy. But everyone wants to look good for themselves or their partner. Beauty is also very broad. These are not just services, but products that go with them. There are so many things to focus on. Everyone has their own concerns and that’s why I feel like beauty is doing very well. Chan said.

Selling cosmetics through live commerce, the key to demonstration, she said.

“Live streaming is all about impulse buying. It can be a plus and it can be a minus. So the way we market live has to be very different from how products are normally marketed at retail or in their normal advertisements.

“When I sell makeup and cosmetics, I have to demonstrate, because I want to show my clients what it looks like on me and how it will look gradually on the client.”


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