Dubai Airport Free Zone: Leading European Cosmetics and Fragrance Distributor Installs AED 11 Million Facility


A large European cosmetics and perfume company has invested an initial amount of AED 11 million in setting up a distribution office in the Middle East – PYD Middle East Distribution FZCO – in the free zone of the airport of Dubai to take advantage of the phenomenal growth of this industrial sector.

“The growth of cosmetics and perfume business in this market has increased significantly over the past two years, reaching up to 10 times in value and we have set up a regional office in the Dubai Airport Free Zone. to take advantage of the fantastic growth and opportunities available. in this market ”, declared Mr. Bashir Tahboub, Managing Director of PYD Middle East Distribution FZCO. “PERFUMES Y DISENO is a large European cosmetics and perfume company established 25 years ago in Madrid, Spain. The group’s turnover last year was AED 552 million (US $ 150 million) ”.

He said that PERFUMES Y DISENO distributes cosmetics and perfumes to ME, USA, Central and South America and Russia. “PYD Middle East represents three premium fragrance brands J. Del Pozo, Roberto Verino and Tous.” PYD Middle East plans to open links with retail chains in the UAE and across the Gulf.

Mr. Tahboub said the decision to set up the PYD Middle East office in the Dubai Airport Free Zone was simple: “Everything can be done under one roof here: immigration, customs, logistics, bank branches, post offices and logistics, it’s all here. . Another important thing, the environment is upscale due to the quality of the offices and equipment. In the Dubai Airport Free Zone, there is a sense of community and a family atmosphere.

“The management of the Dubai Airport Free Zone is very responsive to needs and anticipates tenant requirements and eliminates bureaucracy. In Dubai Airport Free Zone, you can set up an office in 10 days and start operations immediately provided you have the necessary documents and other requirements.

Mr. Ibrahim Ahli, Dubai Airport Free Zone Marketing Manager, welcomed the arrival of PYD Middle East at DAFZ: “PYD Middle East is a welcome addition to our growing list of international companies. At Dubai Airport Freezone, we have a diverse mix of cosmetics and perfume, electronics and IT, air charter, logistics and pharmaceutical companies, all taking advantage of the well-developed facilities at Dubai Airport. Freezone for doing business and its strategic location and position. of Dubai as a business hub in the Middle East. Most of our clients are long-term tenants and recently we have seen an increase in the number of international companies increasing their office space in anticipation of a rebound from a severe global economic downturn.

Mr Tahboub said the downturn acted as a filter and knocked out companies that were unfamiliar with the industry. “Before the credit crunch, many companies entered different areas of the business without having the knowledge or experience to create turmoil in the industry. The downturn wiped out these companies, leaving only the more established players. “

“Consumer sentiment and confidence in the last quarter – the Christmas shopping season in the Middle East and globally will be an important barometer of the long-awaited economic recovery,” Tahboub said.

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