‘Court is no place to put on eye makeup,’ judge tells woman charged with public order


A man attempted to roll a cigarette in court and a woman applied eye makeup in the same courtroom moments later as the judge spoke about basic standards of respect.

Judge Colm Roberts had to reprimand a number of people for what he saw as fundamental issues of unacceptable behavior in court.

During the morning:

  • A man stood before the judge, hands in his pockets, pleading guilty to a public order offence;
  • Another man tried to roll a cigarette while waiting for his case to be called and was told to leave the courtroom;
  • A woman waiting for her law and order case to be called pulled out a mirror and applied mascara to her eyelashes;
  • When she was later fined in the public order case and ordered to leave the court, the woman bade aloud goodbye to a man sitting next to her. “Be careful, carry on,” she said as she left.

The judge had to reprimand this woman twice. First, he told her, “Court is no place to put on eye makeup.”

As she said goodbye as she left the court, Judge Roberts said to the young woman, “This is not a social club.”

Between the scolding for putting makeup on her eyes and the loud exit, the same woman pulled out a large hairbrush and started combing her hair. It wasn’t until her lawyer turned around and noticed it and told her to stop brushing her hair that she put it away.

Judge Roberts said: “We need to improve what people think is appropriate to do in court and what is not.”

In a case later that afternoon, the judge told a man he had granted bail: “I discourage people from making a running comment about what’s going on, especially when I give them pause.”


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