Colorblocking Hair-Color Trend for Summer 2022


  • Colorblocking is the latest hair color trend you’ll see everywhere this summer.
  • The trend features two contrasting color blocks, with endless variations.
  • Keep reading for colorblock inspiration you can bring with you to your next date.

If you’re in the market for some fun changes to your hair color this season, the latest trend to pop up this summer called colorblocking might be just what you’ve been waiting for. The look is exactly as it looks: it features blocks of colored highlights on your hair that contrast with your base color. A distant cousin to “money piece” highlights, the face-framing highlights of the ’90s that have recently made a comeback, this trend gives hair color a dramatic edge.

Instead of featuring a contrasting hue that just frames your face, you place a block of color anywhere you like, and the color can be whatever color you want – the brighter the better. “The colorblock trend is a great way to be adventurous without fully committing to a new hue,” hairstylist and Biolage Ambassador Monae Everett tells POPSUGAR. “It’s a great example of a small color making a big impact.”

As for why people try it before the summer months, it’s all about the wow factor. “Highlights and ombre don’t pack the same punch,” she says. “Colorblocking is a great way to try out a fancy color like pink or platinum.” While this is usually done with bright, bold hues, you can also keep the look subtle by opting for less bold colors (but still contrasting with your base). “The secret to this look is to pick a color that’s at least three shades lighter than your base color and dedicate a small section of hair to your new shade,” says Everett.

Even better? “You can place the block anywhere you want – it can be on one side of the head crossing your part, or it can be on top of the head, or even on the back of the neck,” Everett explains. .

Keep scrolling for some color blocking inspiration to take with you on your next trip to the salon.

Image source: Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images


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