Ciara rocks a fierce look with this new hair color


Ciara is looking for her twin!

The R&B icon may not have a biological twin, but it looks like the chart topper has a double in the music industry. Two months after the release of her single “Jump,” the icy caramel goddess has teased a new song, “Better Thangs,” which features the singer’s special half.

Ciara shows off her pumpkin-colored hair ahead of her new single


When it comes to sensational female artists, Ciara tops the list. The 36-year-old singer needs no introduction, considering her outstanding accomplishments in the music industry.

However, being an internationally recognized artist hasn’t stopped the Texas native from promoting her music. On Monday, September 19, the Grammy winner updated her Instagram page with a great photo.

The image captured the “Level Up” singer’s latest hair transformation, which featured a gorgeous pumpkin color. The mix of orange and cream hues matched the artist’s perfectly brown skin perfectly.

For the photo, Ciara styled her daring tresses into a side parting with beautifully curled waves that fell gracefully over the OAM Skin founder’s shoulders. Part of her hair was styled above her eyes, slightly covering the shimmering orange eyeshadow.

Ciara's post on her Instagram page
Instagram | Ciara

Not one to be caught off guard, the dancing queen’s makeup had no flaw in sight as it accentuated her perfectly sculpted face with its bronze hues. The proud mother of three added more bling to her look with her eye-catching accessories.

The “1, 2 Step” artist wanted all eyes to be on her as she adorned her golden body. Starting from her ears, the 36-year-old rocked two large hoops and two necklaces. Although the BET winner needed no introduction, one of her necklaces was engraved with her name. The orange-haired beauty completed her golden theme with a surprising accessory – a grill.

The fashionable mouthpiece featured “CTCT” written on Ciara’s front row teeth. As the image stopped below the singer’s shoulders, her full outfit, except for a white tank top, was not visible.

The jaw-dropping image appeared to be from the Soul Train Award winner’s music video for her upcoming single. The Texas native further teased the track, captioning the post, “Where’s my twin?? 🙂 #BetterThangs.”

This promotional post marked the second time the “Body Party” musician has hinted that a specific person would be featured in her new song. Over the weekend, the mother-of-three dropped her first clue about Twitter.

The R&B superstar shared a blurry image from a set of music videos, where two female-like shapes could be seen center stage. This photo was captioned: “So excited for my #BetterThangs story. Can you guess who this is?”

As fans racked their brains trying to figure out the guest artist, Summer Walker added to the speculation on Sept. 19. The R&B singer has launched an Instagram account. message that answered Ciara’s “twin” question. In the photo, the ‘Girls Need Love’ artist looked sultry as her alleged double wore a cropped white tank top and unbuttoned denim shorts.

Walker was never shy about parading her curvaceous figure, and the 26-year-old didn’t disappoint fans as she proudly displayed her killer body alongside her tattoos. Sitting on what appeared to be a windowsill, the top-card matched Ciara perfectly in her white tank top, plentiful gold accessories and distinct hairstyle.

Instead of orange hair, the “Playing Games” artist rocked a vibrant green hue designed with a mix of dark and light pigments. The sexy post was simply captioned with the hashtag “#betterthangs.” If that didn’t imply that Walker could be the track’s guest artist, Ciara teased the possibility by commenting, “Here we go,” alongside three heart-shaped emojis.

Ciara promoted her skincare line in her birth costume

After launching its OAM Skincare range, The Blast reported that Ciara was promoting the “On A Mission” brand by getting naked. The 36-year-old shared the sexy photo on Instagram wearing only gold accessories.

The top-ranker confessed in the post’s long caption that she started the business by partnering with leading dermatologists and pharmaceutical companies. According to the “I’m Out” singer, OAM products have been perfectly made without substances like dyes, sulfates and parabens that are known to affect sensitive skin.


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