Checkered hair color trend for 2022


  • Hot on the heels of last summer’s “Cruella” hair color trend, comes “checkered” hair.
  • This color blocking hair treatment involves applying different shades of dye to form stripes.
  • Spring hair color is perfect for anyone looking to make a big change in their look.

If you recall, the live release of “Cruella” last year inspired a hair color trend of the same name. Selena Gomez boarded with the striking look, and later Kehlani and Gwen Stefani too. This year, although the hype around the movie has died down, there’s an equally daring new hair color trend here to take its place: “plaid” hair.

“Color blocking and ‘half and half’ hair have been trending for quite some time,” Linh Phan, Schwarzkopf Professional hairstylist and digital artist, told POPSUGAR. “The plaid look is a unique new combination of the two that are in fashion.” Phan created the look on DJ Cray, and the end result went viral on social media soon after. “It’s very unique and edgy, which is why people love it.”

Unlike “Cruella” hair, which involves black and white hair dye that blocks color horizontally or vertically across the head, checkered hair color sees the hair dye forming streaks across the head and can incorporate other shades as well. unconventional. This creates a very distinctive look and can be customized to suit the wearer.

Get inspired by the upcoming plaid hair color trend.


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