Celebrities With ‘Expensive, But Effortless’ Blonde Hair Color Can’t Get Enough



After more than a year of spread out color dates and makeshift root touch-up products, the general consensus for dyeing your hair is to give in to the color you dreamed of in your 40s.

However, if going blonde is in the cards, you should know that maintaining your bleached hair is going to take more effort than just brushing root powder at home. Drastic movement is a bit like going from jogging outside in a spacious park to back to treadmill running in a sweaty and crowded gym.

But that’s where the honey-wheat blonde comes in – a more subdued shade that’s trending for summer 2021.

While this hair color is an easier transition back into the salon, it’s just as punchy as platinum blonde.

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“This shade of blonde mimics the colors of a wheatfield on a cool summer day when the wind picks up and it shines in the sun,” says Jenna Perry, celebrity colourist known for creating the coolest blondes from his living room. Jenna Perry Hair Studio At New York. “It’s fresh for 2021 because it’s more blended / diffused with less dimension, and it looks pricey while still being effortless. It gives you that fresh look out of the living room while remaining naturally whipped up.”

Coming up, all the “expensive, but effortless” honey-honey blonde hair inspiration you could possibly need for your next salon date.

Jennifer lawrence

Honey and wheat blonde hair

Bertrand Rindoff Petroff / Getty Images

The outlook for the remainder of 2021 is definitely sunny enough to need Dior shades, especially with shimmering honey wheat blonde waves.

Jasmine Sanders

The model shows how a wheat blonde hair color complements the curly curls. Here, its glam is the work of hairdressers and makeup artists Chrissy and Lisa Zolgalis.

Hailey Bieber

Honey and wheat blonde highlights of the model by celebrity colourist Cassondra Kaeding give its bronde base a tanned effect.

Jennifer lopez

Neither too hot nor too icy, Jennifer lopezStylist Chris Appleton’s super long wheat blonde hair is the perfect neutral shade.

Laverne Cox

Honey and wheat blonde hair

Honey and wheat blonde hair

Randy Shropshire / Getty Images for ESSENCE

Paired with dark roots, Laverne Cox’s Honey Wheat Blonde Tips are a low-maintenance way to participate in this color trend.

Chloe Sévigny

The honey and wheat highlights of New York fashion icon by Perry add dimension to her blonde base.



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