Cardi B Looks Like A Dream With A Trendy New Copper Hair Color – See Photo


Cardi B has had an exciting Scorpio season. On November 2, rapper Libra announced that she would be hosting the American Music Prize so later in the month, we are already anticipating the moments of breathtaking beauty to come. She also announced that she was finally able to buy a home in her hometown of New York, joining those she already owns in Atlanta and Los Angeles. She gave fans on Instagram a glimpse of her new home with an unexpected bonus: a preview of her brand new red hair color.

For those who have lived under a rock, the brassy hair diary has been all over social media with people trying out the color in various shades like vivid tangerines, cinnamon browns, and strawberry blondes. Cardi’s new hair color is closer to dark auburn. she rocks inch, then this long wig cascades beyond her waist. The straight hair appears to be parted down the middle, but it is impossible to know for sure below this very Cheetah Girls beret. She paired the animal-print hat with a matching trench coat, which she wore to tour her new home. Red hair and leopard print are a perfect match if you ask us.

Now, this is Cardi we’re talking about, so this hairstyle was short lived, which is common for the performer. Hours after sharing the Instagram post, she was already rocking another popular hair trend, curtain bangs, on her Instagram Story. In the videos she posted, she sings a few tunes while someone styles her tousled black bun and long bangs. Hardly a day goes by without us scouring her Instagram page for new beauty inspirations and to see the latest hair remedy she’s bringing to her fans.

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